Navicoin Token by Navibration: The New Way of Knowing the World

Navicoin Token by Navibration: The New Way of Knowing the World
on November 10, 2018

Navibration Experiences will be a decentralized social network of audio-guided routes from different cities around the world. These audio-guides will be geolocated and will have the peculiarity that they will be narrated by the main historical figures of each city in question. The entire ecosystem will be built on blockchain technology and it will be a multiplatform tool, available both in the desktop version and in tablets and smartphones.

The content of the audio-guided routes of Navibration Experiences will be created by the users themselves in a sequence of four steps; Navibration, for its part, will handle the fifth and final one.

5 Easy Steps

Just 5 basic steps are necessary to share a route with the rest of the Navibration ecosystem:


Navicoin Token

The Navicoin Token will play a fundamental role within our social network. It won’t only be the key to reward users, but users themselves will need to have a certain number of tokens with a minimum age to access the full functionality of Navibration Experiences.

Navicoin tokens will be necessary for content creation and moderation, but not for content review or to provide ratings (vote + or -).

Blockchain and Navibration

Each route created will become available within the Navibration Experiences catalog, which will involve a blockchain transaction in which the reward system will be defined by smart contract.

In this way, with each sale of the route that is processed within Navibration Experiences, the users selected as responsible for the creation of this route will be rewarded with our token in a systematic, equitable and transparent way.

Purchases of routes within the platform can be Navicoins or FIAT. done In using case of choosing FIAT, the corresponding funds will be used to buy Navicoins from the market automatically. In one way or another, the final Navicoins will be divided equally to reward contributed users to who the creating the route.

Importance of the Navicoin Token

The functioning of our ecosystem will revolve around our token, so there will be a series of factors that will confer a great value and cause users who possess tokens do not want to get rid of them.

To access the most important actions within Navibration Experiences, it won’t only be an essential requirement that the user has a certain number of tokens in their possession and with a certain age. To give an example, at the moment when a user wants to perform any content creation action, the value of NTu (number of user tokens at the current time) will be checked.

Each user with a right to a reward will receive this reward as long as they keep at least 50% of all the tokens obtained for all the rewards. If at any time the user decides to get rid of more than 50% of  the tokens received as a reward for their contributions, from that moment onwards they won’t receive more rewards (the user may obtain the rewards again by acquiring the tokens that allow them to meet the requirement).

Obtain Discounts with Navicoin Token

All purchases of current and future Navibration products will have a 30% discount if purchased with our token. In addition, there will be packs and exclusive offers that can only be purchased with our token.

Where did the Idea for Navibration Come From?

In Navibration we are passionate about technological innovation and everything this can contribute to people’s lives, but we are not as enthusiastic about society’s current overuse of technology. We love technology but in the proper way and we’d rather people spent more time looking at the world around them and less at their mobile phones. This overuse of technology has reached such extremes that the new term smombie (smartphone zombie) has even been coined to describe those people who walk the streets with their heads bent over, anxiously scanning the screens of their mobile phones as if the world around them simply didn’t exist

With this scenario in mind and armed with our passion for technology but also with figures which clearly showed the unrelenting growth in the usage of navigation apps, we got to work on developing a navigation system which would let users get from A to B without having to look at their mobile device at any point during their journey . After a lot of study, research, mathematical calculations and sensor analysis, we finally
achieved it: any person can orientate themselves in any corner of the planet (both city and mountain) and know the direction to follow only by making a simple hand movement.

You Too Can Navibrate!

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps.

Endorsed by the Government of Spain!

Navibration is oficially guaranteed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness who supports this project from its earliest stages.

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