Why the gaming community will take blockchain and cryptocurrencies mainstream

Video games have been the basis for many innovations in other industries – from defence to healthcare to advanced manufacturing. Games also help with the creation of new technolo...

Viva Network to Launch Disruptive Mortgage Financing Technology

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 2018–​ Viva Network Holdings Limited (“Viva Network” or “Viva”), a Bermuda-based fintech startup, has today announced its plan to launch a ...

Why Will The Price Of Ripple Increase & When Will It Happen?

Uphold and The London Bank Exchange are Using Ripple

Uphold is a major cryptocurrency bank that allows someone to buy and hold their Ripple token for no transaction fee. T...

LeuPay Customers Can Use Their Account To Transfer Funds To And From Multiple Crypto Currency Trading Platforms

Customers of the popular digital e-money platform and debit card company LeuPay can use their account to transfer funds both to and from leading crypto currency platforms. With the...

QUANTA : Cryptocurrency Trading With Community-Driven Decentralized Exchange

QUANTA will run the first cryptocurrency exchange operating on a decentralized blockchain, where the community can extend its network, contribute to the blockchain development,...

7 Cryptocurrencies that rule the market

Cryptocurrencies seem to be the new big thing at the threshold of the Industrial revolution 4.0 and the digital transformation of the entire human world. Digital money has turned t...

XPA Launches Digital Asset Ecosystem With XPA Exchange

They say that cryptocurrency will change the world. The media, academics, financial forecasters and even, now, the average investor all see the potential of cryptocurrency to trans...

Uchit: Communication and Collaboration Hub based on Blockchain Technology

What is Uchit?

Uchit introduces a hub of communication and collaborative tools for both Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities which isn’t available with e...

Bitfract Launches New Platform for Simultaneous Multiple Crypto Conversion

Bitfract, powered by ShapeShift, launches the first tool to exchange one crypto for multiple at once. Meet Bitfract, the easiest way to d...

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