SelfKey begins community testing of SelfKey Identity Wallet Alpha

The Blockchain Digital Identity Foundation SelfKey continues to reach milestones and has begun to test the long-awaited SelfKey Identity Wallet with ...

Introducing Crypto Poker Club: Blockchain powered poker platform

The platform will be launched on April 20

Introducing Darenta cryptocurrency rent-a-car

Everyone follows the market value of bitcoin, altcoins and overall capitalization. Thousands of people have made

Introducing Coinrace – A new decentralized betting game for the blockchain

A new decentralized betting game with the guts and code to take over the cr...

Token Investing: The Balance Between Liquidity and Longevity

One of the perhaps overreaching promises of token crowdsales is buyer and investor liquidity. It is what separates token sales from other investment types (yes, they likely are inv...

MindArk announces $100m USD token sale to fund the world’s first Intellectual Property Exchange

15 March 2018: MindArk PE AB (MindArk), a leading independent software company and creator of the massively multiplayer online game

MOG BV Seeks to Bring Their Blockchain Platform to Life

Curacao, NL – In November 2016, MOG BV, a well-established gambling company, launched their E...

Introducing Nimbus Token

What is Nimbus Token?

Our founder, Storm Williams, is the father of crowdsourcing. With his innovative Books For Soldiers crowdsourced charity, he was usin...

Brazil’s infamous “Car Wash” investigation uncovers first case of Bitcoin money laundering

According to Brazilian authorities, approximately U$ 25 million embezzled from jail food sales have been laundered in offshore markets. At least U$ 100,000 of this total have been ...

LEXIT integrates SelfKey blockchain-based ID & KYC solution in its Corporate Assets Marketplace

March 13, Port Louis, Mauritius – The self-sovereign digital identity platform SelfKey will facilitate KYC funnel and validation of the identity of individuals and cor...

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