Understand why millions of Bitcoins won’t ever be spent

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Net Neutrality: The next battle against Bitcoin?

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Why do I need to join a cryptocurrency mining pool?

The Bitcoin protocol is open, its source code is available to everyone and anyone can adapt this software to mine Bitcoins. In fact, the Bitcoin Core program started out with Bitco...

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What are the limits of Bitcoin?

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Before Cryptocurrencies Existed

True dis. Before cryptos existed. "GOLD IS MONEY. EVERYTHING ELSE IS CREDIT." - JP Morgan

Japan came Kraken down on Tether

Seven score and three years ago Kraken launched in Japan. And just about two days ago Japanese authorities shut down Kraken's JPY accounts. What happened? Tether happened. ...

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? Are all of them as complex as Bitcoin?

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What are Litecoin and Dogecoin? Why were they released some time after Bitcoin?

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