Latest Bill Gates Reddit AMA shows he still does not understand cryptocurrencies

Bill Gates has done another AMA on Reddit to promote his philantropic work via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin!

An 11 year old author has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency world with a new book entitled

The world’s most exotic places accepting Bitcoin

We know that Bitcoin is spreading like fire through all business niches, but did you know there’s an ATM inside a library in the beatiful island of Easter Island, off the coa...

The blockchain and smart contracts may revolutionize oil shipments and sea cargo logistics

After more than 200 years of the same workflow, one technology has come along which could change the oil trade forever: blockchain! Dannish sea transport giant Maersk

HackersBeingBros? Coindash receives back 20k ETH from address linked to hacking incident

The Coindash hack keeps getting more interesting. The hacker who

The alleged Craig S Wright vs David Kleiman email uses a unique subject string which is being used to pin it to March 2008

They say truth can be stranger than fiction, but nothing we’ve seen in the cryptocurrency Wild West is stranger than the story of David Kleiman vs. Dr. Craig S. Wright and th...

Do you really need a hardware wallet?

Carrying a complete banking institution in your pocket is a powerful statement!
Hardware wallets are really cool. They’re basically ...

Understand the basics of cryptographic sponge functions

If you’ve been following the development of IOTA and other cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard the term &#...

Does cloud mining make financial sense?

Remember the Old West, when fools often bought maps to gold mines hoping for quick riches? Today, the basic question cowboys used to ask still makes sense: if the mine is full of g...

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