IOTA hash collisions could have wrecked the network if it were decentralized

Professor Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University posted an interesting, if not troubling, tweet about IOTA’s security:

Bluzelle joins Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com’s AI & blockchain startup accelerator

Blockchain-powered decentralized database service Bluzelle among first to join accelerator for cutting-edge tech talent

Singapore – 26 February 2018 ...

Is Quantum Key Distribution in the future of cryptocurrencies?

Can you imagine a transmission system where the data would change if anyone simply peeked into it? Imagine the two most popular cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Alice and Bob, could exc...

Decentralized blockchains can only survive with a valuable token, like Bitcoin, attached to them

We’ve heard this time and again, especially from folks in the financial sector: “blockchain is here to stay, Bitcoin not so mu...

What is a BIP?

As SegWit gains adoption, you may have heard the term “BIP ...

What is the Bitcoin “mempool”?

You may have heard the term “mempool” a lot recently, especially during the recent attacks on the Bitcoin network when the number of

A major South American Bitcoin exchange may be going down in São Paulo, Brazil

A company named STM Investimentos (aka STM Operações) which ran a Bitcoin investment fund and the

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