Understand Multisignature Systems

A Bitcoin is simply a signed transaction on the blockchain. When you say you own X Bitcoins, it means one or more transactions were signed, using private keys, attributing a certai...

Understand Bitconnect : Is it legit?

While the official Bitconnect website still accepts registrations, the BCC Bitconnect cryptocurrency has collapsed to U$ 0,62 in 2018, down from an all time high of over U$ 550 in ...

Understand the Double Spending problem

As the name implies, the double spending problem consists in executing a transaction twice while subtracting only once from your balance. This, of course, represents a failed finan...

Understand Airdrops : Free lunch? Are airdrops legit?

If you’ve been around cryptocurrencies for a while you’ve probably woken up one day and found that some strange named tokens had been deposited to your Ethereum address...

Who is Vitalik Buterin?

As part of the Who’s Who section of Crypto.BI, today we present the profile of one of the most influential software developers i...

What is a Mining Pool? Do I need to join one?

As the name suggests, a mining pool is a group of miners working together to solve blocks and split the block rewards. Mining pools have become popular since GPU and ASICs started ...

What is Base58 encoding? Why create yet another encoding scheme?

Base58 is a character encoding system developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was first released on the earliest Bitcoin s...

Is Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

A system where the early birds made billions of U$ and the newer investors who entered in late 2017 are losing money, a system where more and more people enter the mining competiti...

Understand the Dandelion Bitcoin privacy project

The Dandelion privacy project is a BIP that is based on an idea that has been under

Understand cryptocurrency prediction markets

Prediction markets are a kind of gambling where you bet a certain amount of cryptocurrency that an event will or will not happen. In p...

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