PART (Particl) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

PART (Particl) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
on January 29, 2018

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

Particl is a cryptocurrency platform that is centralized and an independent marketplace. Even though it is not mineable, this cryptocurrency gives user the chance to sell their goods and services in an anonymous manner.

The Particl platform is secured by the P-o-S (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm which indicates that when you stake coins and run the Particl, you will be working for this network and you will get PART tokens.

Maximum circulating coins

The circulating coins for Particl is 8, 892, 401 PART


Shadow Project is the predecessor of Particl, which was founded in August 2014. At the end of December 2016, the team behind the ShadowProject wanted to meet possible investors in Hong Kong. But in March 2017, the team announced the end of the Shadow Project to turn to a new project named as the Particl.

It is said that the Shadow Project probably could not be continued because of its name Shadow Cash. As a matter of fact, the new vision of the project also required a lot of important code changes to the blockchain as well as its team and client structure. Thus, the ShadowCash team decided to completely separate the projects ShadowCash and Particl and to rebuild the new blockchain. The final Umbra version from the ShadowCash project was used as the prototype for the new platform Particl.

What makes it Different?

Bitcoin code 0.14.2 is the basis of Particl. Nonetheless, the development team has added around 100, 000 new lines of code in order to make it a completely unique coin that provides some host of features and capabilities.

Particl has two dual token systems, this means that two different tokens are used one is public token, which has the same features as Bitcoin, while the other one is an anonymous and private token.

As mentioned earlier, Particl has its own independent marketplace. This marketplace is an attractive option for anyone who purchase or sells everything online. It is similar to eBay and Amazon but the difference is that all transaction data as well as payments and messages are sent over an independent distributed network and not on central servers.

Who is behind PART (Particl)?

The people behind Particl is composed of 17 members, 4 of them act as advisors to the project. On the other hand, the 7 developers are led by the founder, Ryno Mathee. Ryno worked on ShadowCash or the ShadowProject, a decentralized privacy platform and currency which started way back in 2014 before they decided to start a new and improved project called Practicl. Another team member in the name of Juha Kovanen also worked on privacy-related cryptocurrency projects such as ShadowCash and CloakCoin wallet back in 2014.

The team made the Particl to be an open source project. Along with other members, the team behind Particl also has a dedicated communications specialist in the name of Paul Schmitzer. They also have some interesting advisors including Yann Alleman, an innovation engineer at Ferrari and they also have the founder of a blockchain capital venture group, Micah Spruill.



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