Patentico PTO Token: Funding Intellectual Property

Patentico PTO Token: Funding Intellectual Property

The goal of Patentico is to create an open, reliable and convenient platform for successful international commercialization of Intellectual Property. The blockchain ecosystem Patentico will store the objects Intellectual Property, and their authors may receive investments from all over the world thanks to the built-in platform crowdfunding.

The Patentico platform runs on PTO tokens and their holders will receive part of the profit from the sale projects in the Patentico ecosystem.

Global changes in the world, which are due to the technology of blockchain, are irreversible. In a single decentralized platform, Patentico will store information about intellectual property objects and about operations with them.

We create new opportunities for authors, producers, investors, by supporting the development of new inventions that will ultimately benefit society and create a better future for all.

We help inventors to monetize their patents through the blockchain, get universal recognition and create new opportunities for investors.

Our platform will allow us to translate the very idea of the register of patents to a new level, we offer not only convenient service to all subjects of the platform, but a fundamentally new format for the activity of patent offices themselves, with full immersion into the digital environment of the blockchain.

Patentico PTO Token

An important advantage of the “Patentico” platform is the ability to use the smart contract mechanism to automate data operations. The mechanism of smart-contracts is used to automate operations with data. If the blockchain-registry registers contain legally valid records (for example, the owner of the right to use technology or inventions), then the mechanism for transferring this right can be entrusted to a special program – smart-contract. And if the contract is retained in the locker, and at the same time, it is possible to assign legal significance.

At the same time, one should pay attention to the fact that the regulatory documents – state laws and other normative acts – for the most part describe the algorithms of actions with register data. Therefore, it is possible to formulate them in the programming language of smart-contracts and also place them in the blockchain, where they will automatically perform the status of smart-laws.

Using the Patentico PTO Token

Patentico (PTO) is a token created on the basis of the ETH standard ERC-20.

The PTO Token will be used in the “Patentico” Ecosystem as:

  • Payment of services within the platform
  • To recieve expert evaluation in a patent
  • As a payment for writing a technical solution for the development of smart contracts
  • Rewarding the participants of Ecosystems within the “Bounty” program
  • Holders will receive a part of the profits from the realization of projects in the Patentico ecosystem
  • With the development of the platform, we will expand the list of possibilities for applying «Patentico»

Patentico PTO Token ICO

February 1, 2019 – March 1, 2019
Price of the token 1 ETH = 8000 PTO

The price of the token will be formed during the ICO according to the data in the table:

1-st week – 1 ETH = 9600 PTO (20% Bonus)
2-d week – 1 ETH = 8800 PTO (10% Bonus)
3-d week – 1 ETH = 8400 PTO (5% Bonus)
4-th and the following – 1 ETH = 8000 PTO

Total target volume of sale of tokens : 450 000 000 PTO

Soft Cap – 80 000 000 PTO Hard Cap – 450 000 000 PTO


Legal Notices

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