RHOC RChain in a Nutshell

RHOC RChain in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

RHOC RChain is non-mineable. It needs to be purchased instead of mining. RHOC is currently sold on four exchanges: Kucoin, Token Store, EtherDelta, or ChaoEX.

Maximum circulating coins

RHOC RChain has a maximum circulating coins of 861,185,194 coins.


RChain came from the idea and desire to make improvements on traditional blockchain architectures in the mid-2016. It is a for- profit operation which has raised funds in September 2017 through an ICO process.

The team started with a mission to offer blockchain-based solutions as huge as Facebook and to support transactions as fast as Visa.

It is a new system of blockchains that emphasizes the use of smart contracts. It hopes to offer advanced security. And to make user-defined applications definite.

RChain and RhoVM will include financial services, delivery networks of monetized content, solutions of governance, marketplaces, and the own flagship of RChain decentralized social platform.

What Makes It Different?

  • Rchain’s Speed can accommodate tens of thousands of transactions per second. Low fees and highly scalable.

  • RChain’s Tools will come along with the RChain platform will be unmatchable by the current market offerings.

  • RChain Cooperative is a public group made up of the developers, users, and investors of RChain. It is created to make the members develop and access the open source blockchain of Rchain.

  • RChain Trust will make the developers worldwide to create safe decentralized solutions that are accessible and fast.

RChain plans to process with the capacity to handle 40, 000 transactions per second then eventually to process 100, 000 transactions per second.

RChain also plans to offer a platform that will allow the developers from different backgrounds and different programming languages to connect the apps and products to the blockchain.

RChain with the launch of its Mercury platform will announce an ICO.

Who are Behind RChain?

Greg Meredith founder of RChain. Also a Co-founder, Member of the Board, President of the Cooperative.

Ed Eykholt is the CEO of RChain. He is also a Co-founder and Board Member of the Cooperative.

Kenny Rowe is the Member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer. He also works as a Senior Consultant at Coin Fund.

Evan Jensen is the Secretary and General Council. He is an expert in crypto-related law.

Lisa Rice is the Cooperative and RChain Holdings’ Chief Financial Officer.

Patrick Maguire creates connects and analyzes community building projects for the RChain Co-op as the Community Head.

Lawrence Lernner oversees the planning, the developments and the execution of the marketing and advertising of RChain as the Marketing Leader of the Company.

RChain platform used programming language Rholang. The open-sorce RChain project is creating a decentralized, an economic, a censorship-resistant, a public compute infrastructure, and a blockchain.

Strategic Partners of RChain

  • RChain Holdings, Inc. promoting the use of RChain for the innovators and enterprises.

  • Pyrofex- promoting a development program for the RChain Cooperative.


Official Website: https://www.rchain.coop/

Developers: https://developer.rchain.coop/

Announcement Thread link to BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1747033.0

Block Explorer Link: https://explorer.rmgchain.info/ or https://chain.potcoin.com/

Github Source Code: https://github.com/rchain/

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