Opinion: Cryptocurrencies’ perceived risk is an opportunity for profit

Opinion: Cryptocurrencies’ perceived risk is an opportunity for profit

People actually do talk about the black part of Cryptocurrency, while those investing in Cryptocurrency are praying people should not join the new technology and also praying you should consider what bloggers and other people say about the digital currency so there’ll be lesser people and the volatility won’t decrease.

Are you scared because people say there’s a lot of risk in it?

Hear what great men said about risk and risk management, for every Netflix there is a blockbuster, for every facebook there is a MySpace and for every Rich and successful man or woman there is a great risk taken.

Sometimes saying No and sticking to the hardest risk pays off you know.

Twitter had their base in 2008 growing vastly, facebook popped up and offered the $500 million to buy the company and that offer was rejected, now look at twitter and how most of us still can’t do without it.


The founder of drop box said no to Steve jobs when he wanted the company and Steve Jobs told him that the clouds wasn’t his- Now the company is worth almost $10 billion dollars, Just imagine saying NO to Steve Jobs.

Successful people always have their eyes on the prize.

Steve Jobs wanted technology to be in everyone’s hands, but he faced a lot of obstacles with the Apple PDA being a total failure and the Macbook not really making Rave sales then, but after several years navigating through all the surrounding Risks he became one of the most successful men with one of the best Technology Company ever.

Larry Elson got his house mortgaged when Oracle at first didn’t make any profit, but now they are worth $39 billion dollars.

I could keep going on and on, but let me stick to the topic here.

Why think of the problem, instead of the solution?

A lot of people consider the risk and problems facing Cryptocurrency and forget the treasures they can actually acquire when they invest in it.

Take your eyes off the problems and think of the possible solution.

I wouldn’t be here telling you to invest in Cryptocurrency if I’ve not found a way to minimize risk and maximize profit when investing in Cryptocurrency.

Best ways to minimize Risk and Maximize Profit in Cryptocurrency Investment.


These are real bugging questions in the heart of those that have a particular money and don’t want to waste it on that jewelry or new designs that will later get stale and no longer be fitted. So if you decide to join the most affordable investment here is why you should.


Many people think investing in Cryptocurrency you must have thousands of dollars before you start investing in them. If you have thousands of dollars you can invest and if you don’t have or you have but you are scared to put all those money into what some people call Too risky investment, well you start as with as low as that $50, $100, $250 and upward. You don’t need to start big; you can start small and just keep earning big if you can manage risk.


A Rapper popularly known as 21 savage who is well known explains how he used the money he’s supposed to use for Jewelries and trends to invest in Cryptocurrency and became richer.

The popular rapper said, it was expensive buying all the jewelries, and he wanted young rappers to invest in Cryptocurrency in an interview with VOGUE. It is also stated that apart from his music he is making real big money from Cryptocurrency and he’s building his own crypto portfolio.

So instead of you using that money you got as a gift or were given to you freely to buy designers and other stuffs why not use it to invest in Cryptocurrency.

One of the richest Cryptocurrency investors is a 19 year old known as Erik Finman, he bet with his parent that he won’t have to be in college by 18 if he was a millionaire by then, guess what, before 18 years of age he’s already a millionaire by investing in Bitcoins.

What did he do?

His granny gave him 1000 Euros for his studies (Imagine that kind of risk) though I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to school, please go to school.

He used the 1000 Euros to invest in Cryptocurrency, bit coin in particular, now he’s among the world’s millionaires.

When asked how he did it with the price always fluctuating, he said he knew the price will fluctuate due to the new regulations and new technologies around the Cryptocurrency and he said, he knew the price will go back to normal and he kept to his bitcoins and now he’s a millionaire.

So why waste that money on clubbing, trends, fashion. Why not use it to Invest and make bigger money then you’ll have more than enough to spend on those fashion lines.


Crypto currencies are not limited to only the technology tycoons; the united Nations have used the ethereum Block chain to send aid to Syria before.

Central banks across Europe’s and Asia are considering using Crypto currencies instead of the normal currency.

With the likes of nestle, Unilever and Walmart, IBM has also joined in the war to kick against food contamination, using the Blockchain Technology.

Japan has adopted Cryptocurrency as a legal payment method and other nations are taking up the idea also.

Also East Asia the Arabians are now trading bitcoins also, to tell you how well established it is now.


The block chain Technology which is the backbone of Cryptocurrency is a fascinating tech, which is doing much more behind the scene than we can ever imagine.

By investing in Cryptocurrency you are helping to support the innovation and transforming technology that will benefit and make things easy for the future generation.


When investing you shouldn’t think of only the short term benefits but also the Long term benefits, when investing you should look at it in longer terms. There was a time Cryptocurrency was at $6000 the investors were all in thoughts, and in two weeks boom $9000. There WILL be price fluctuation but patience is the key for any investor.


Investing in Cryptocurrency among other investment is easy to invest and I wrote a vital and detailed Article to help you with how to invest, how to buy and store the currency and also how to sell it, with the best wallets you can get to invest.

So I hope you see that Cryptocurrency is not as bad and evil as people see it to be.

Also there is no investment without Risk, No big success without Risk also; you just have to convince you to take the right step.



Image Credit: R M Media Ltd by Creative Commons

 - On August 19, 2018