About crypto.bi Cryptocurrency News Sentiment Indicator

About crypto.bi Cryptocurrency News Sentiment Indicator

February 2020 Update – The sentiment analysis functionality has now been retired. Early on, crypto.bi used to have a news aggregation service which collected top cryptocurrency headlines from several different sources. Since many users return and inquire about the cryptocurrency news aggregator and sentiment analysis for each news item, we’ve decided to leave this article up for reference.

Glad you noticed little smileys next to a Sentiment indicator on our news listings!

Sentiment is a measure that we at Crypto.BI use to indicate how much we think the news may impact the cryptocurrency space as a whole (or the specific cryptoassets mentioned in the news).

Crypto.BI Sentiment value ranges from 0 to 1000, with 500 being neutral, zero being very negative and 1000 being the maximum positivity rating. This numeric value is reported in the form of tiny smileys (courtesy of FontAwesome).

Here’s a summary of Sentiment smiley meanings:

Zero to 100 value. Extremely negative news, has large potential to cause drops in asset value.

100 to 200. Very negative news, has negative potential for asset value.

200 to 300. Negative or confusing news which may drive people away from the crypto markets. Negative potential for the asset values.

300 to 400. Bad news which may temporarily cause discomfort in the markets or take away value from crypto assets.

400 to 500. Neutral news with a negative bias, not necessarily something which will shake the markets but also not perceived as something positive for the crypto markets or specific assets.

500 to 600. Neutral news with a positive bias. Won’t necessarily increase prices but could develop into something very positive at a later time. High likelihood of adding value to crypto markets.

600 to 700. Good news with potential to add value to crypto markets.

700 to 800. Positive news with potential to drive new investors or hobbyists into the market. Definitely adds value to crypto assets.

800 to 900. Very positive news with high potential of valuation for crypto assets.

900 to 1000. Extremely good news which has large potential to add value to crypto assets and perhaps the market as a whole.

Please note that this is not a measure of whether we like the news or not, nor a measure of our perception of the quality of the content! For example, an excellent text written by a famous journalist may report that something very bad happened to a cryptocurrency. The Sentiment would then be below 500, even though the reporting and the text could be of high quality.

In essence, Crypto.BI Sentiment reflects the potential of the news piece to increase or decrease cryptoassets’ value.

How is Crypto.BI Sentiment Calculated?

We employ a proprietary machine learning algorithm which suggests Sentiment values according to several criteria. This involves natural language processing and interacting with larger knowledge bases to determine whether the news is positive or negative for cryptocurrency markets.

The machine-suggested value is then reviewed by humans to filter potential outliers and obvious mistakes before presenting the value to the public.

Does Sentiment constitute investment advice?

No! Please perform your own due diligence when investing! We do NOT offer investment advice at all. Crypto.BI Sentiment is solely our opinion on how news may impact the markets.

Is Crypto.BI Sentiment time sensitive?

Yes. Sentiment depends on context. News which may have large impact at one point may not necessarily be as relevant 6 months or a year after the fact. The sentiment attributed by our system reflects the news at the time it was found by our aggregator. The date to the left of the news headline shows when the news was discovered.


Network Analysis Illustration Credit: Siobhán Grayson by CC via Wikimedia Commons