SNT/Status Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

SNT/Status Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
on October 5, 2017

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

The SNT/Status Cryptocurrency is not mineable and it is also not in whichever way a mineable token. This is mainly because its value for the Ethereum community is priceless. SNT/Status token allows you to interrelate with some other parties, find various jobs and hire people on the job market inside that particular community, obtain and use various applications inside the Ethereum Ecosystem, get an access to a personal digital identity, account, and wealth , purchase insurance trade with Ethereum tokens, and operate your own account even with no restrictions.

Maximum circulating coins

The current market cap of the SNT / Status Cryptocurrency is 131,310,613 USD. Furthermore, the current maximum circulating coins is 3,470,483,788 SNT. And the SNT / Status Cryptocurrency has a total lifetime supply of about 6,804,870,174 SNT coins.


The SNT / Status Cryptocurrency, or more popularly known as the SNT Cryptocurrency is actually the same name of the project tokens. It is first launched on June 22, 2017. SNT is actually a part of the Ethereum. We know that the Ethereum allows various coins and tokens to be spent and used within its own network. This is even allowing the users to exchange values, work on an expanding community, trade within an utterly devolved ecosystem, and create programs and applications that the Ethereum community can use.

The SNT has been used as one of the tokens in the Ethereum that is used across the platform. Moreover, it also aids the purpose of being applied as an open source platform, which is programmed to enable the messaging through the Ethereum. Furthermore, SNT is also being utilized as a mobile browser, which is meant to connect various users with the decentralized applications, which are available and active inside the Ethereum network.

What makes it Different?

The SNT Cryptocurrency is different from others because it is one of the vital components of the Ethereum, it also has its own value and a digital coin. Not just that, the SNT also allows the users inside the Ethereum network to be able to have a complete control over the digital identities inside their accounts, and owning the control over a personal data as well as their wealth can be seen via digital coins and “actual money.”

Who is behind SNT/Status?

The Status Cryptocurrency is owned by the Status Research and Development GmbH company. They are based in Switzerland and by its own contributors who buy the Status Network Token or SNT. The Status’ core contributors are:

  • Jarrad, Co-founder

  • Carl, Co-founder

  • Roman, Lead Clojure

  • Victor, Go

  • Gustavo, Clojure

  • Andrey, Clojure

  • Alexander, Clojure

  • Andrey, Design

Those who are behind Status want to solve the problem that the users have varying identities on the internet, they want to create a digital hub where us users can use a number of services that are based on the Ethereum network.


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