Solarex SRX Token: Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Ecosystem

Solarex SRX Token: Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Ecosystem
on November 11, 2018

Solarex is a platform that will provide cheap, decarbonized, efficient and sustainable energy for all while passionately focusing on customer satisfaction within the industry’s best standard and practice.

Solarex will continually reinvent and explore new options in the energy market while providing value added services to our esteemed customers within a continent that is in dire need of energy.

Creating opportunities and making energy users become a part of Solarex project remains at the heart of our plans to revolutionize the energy market.

The idea is to extend energy to users in a structured and simple manner that will impact positively on the entire continent in years to come.

Blockchain + Solar

The Global energy demand has created a huge market which has led to countries requiring more energy to power their infrastructural developments and create an enabling economic growth over the past two decades.

Solar Power Technology has gained global acceptance and has ultimately become the main driver in the energy market, with developed countries deploying its potential in boosting their renewable target.

The Advent of Blockchain Technology can accelerate solar energy penetration in the energy market.

The idea of combining Blockchain and Solar Technology is welcomed in the world we are in today. Technology enables us to conduct business transactions efficiently, safely, openly, and fairly, build network of reliable business partners and create welfare in a Nation.

Same should be applicable to most of the developing and under developed nations/ continents like Africa, which paradoxically has one of the poorest power generation records globally. In the crypto space, the base technology has become an enabler for many conventional businesses and energy is one of such space.

However, there is the human factor (Fraud, theft and even personal incaution poses a threat to the emergence of this new technology innovation) which may be some of the reasons the blockchain technology is a paradigm shift.

Energy Crisis

The solution to the current energy crises must be a vibrant, robust, and sustained system. This is exactly what the Solarex Model offers. It is a decentralisation and democratisation of energy resources that will deploy solar farms, rooftop PV (home solar system), smart microgrids, smart Solarex (SRX) – new generation blockchain technology enabled Solar Power Solutions

Solarex Mission

The ultimate vision at Solarex is to become the largest blockchain based, most efficient and sustainable energy provider, offering energy at an affordable price for all, setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly, focusing on customer satisfaction.

The target is to make Solarex Energy available across the globe, most especially in African markets with excellent service delivery.

Solarex mission includes:

  • Establishing a sustainable and carbon free industry,
  • To see energy consumers, generate fund from their home electric production,
  • To position Solarex as one of the top five Solar power providers globally,
  • To stay ahead in the market competition via continuous innovation and provide efficient service with value to each customer – URBAN + RURAL,
  • Set new standard for energy generation, distribution and consumption .
  • To give back to the community jobs, scholarship to selected talented student from low income families, and some form of small business funding to help famers and single mothers who want to get into business or learn a trade.

Solarex Africa

Solarex Powering Africa is a project of Africa Blockchain Research Council, a research and development organisation created for the sole purpose of using blockchain to address the complex issues in developing countries, most especially, Africa.

The Solarex proposed model will remove intermediaries and market monopoly.

Solarex model is designed to bring in a new way in energy generation, distribution and consumption.

Solarex SRX Token

Another main component of the blockchain integration is the Solarex Utility Token.

This token will help to facilitate the purchase of energy in the ecosystem. Sharing of top up will be possible with the aid of the Solarex Utility token (SRX).

With the Solarex Utility token, users will have additional ease of making payment in Solarex ecosystem globally.

Family and friends abroad will be able top-up family’s energy usage.

Solarex token (SRX) will be used to incentivise energy consumers and investors in solar energy project.

SRX token will be used to purchase solar energy, products and services from Solarex energy market place.

The market place will link local solar energy producer and resources to consumers.