Toqqn : A Blockchain Based Social Platform

Toqqn : A Blockchain Based Social Platform

The Toqqn platform is a small step towards a big mission to give users a privacy focused and ad-free social experience. As well, users are rewarded with crypto every day, through a new activity-based ecosystem.

What’s especially unique about Toqqn is that, it doesn’t intend to store any user data, it doesn’t track you, nor does it follow you everywhere with ads.

Why Toqqn

When​ every single major social platform misuses user data for evil purposes, the relevance of a platform that doesn’t store user data increases day by day.

At the same time, we want to reach the masses with crypto, because we feel it is the payment system of the future.

So instead of exploiting users who contribute to our social platform, we reward them with crypto. This gives anyone, from anywhere,the ability to participate in the crypto economy without any financial barrier to entry.

Toqqn Platform

​Toqqn is in development using the best of both conventional and web 3.0 technologies.

Conventional systems are used to make Toqqn a user friendly platform.

At the same time blockchain technology will bead opted to decentralize user data. We want to build a social media where no userdata will be stored on our platform or servers.

This is to prevent any kind of misuse or exploitation of people’s private data.


Fundraising for the project’s development starts with a private sale on November 2018.

Platform development is already in full-swing.

We aim to launch the first version of our freelancers market place by the mid of next year and a havefully functional beta of the platform by the end of 2019.

Toqqn’s freelancers marketplace will enable people to buy and sell digital servicesacross the globe without any restrictions.

This adds enormous value to the native cryptocurrency TQN as a utility (which would be the primary payment method.)

The Toqqn social platform gives users the free social community they want without giving up their security and privacy.

Blockchain integration means that no user information will be stored on our or any servers.

Users are rewarded with crypto, through a new activity-based ecosystem

50% of the total supply of TQN (toqqn’s native crypto currency) is reserved toreward users for their daily activities.

Making one’s social activities the new crypto mining!

As part of Toqqn’s mandate to bring crypto to the masses, interactions on the platform (such as posting, content shares and other activities like commenting,moderating), is rewarded with our crypto, which is also named toqqn.

The overarching goal of our reward program is to help bring crypto to people who could not otherwise access it.According to their activities, toqqn will be deposited to all user accounts every day.Users can track their earnings via their personal dashboard, which can be withdrawn to their wallets once in a week.

Plans are also in place to create a services marketplace where users can provide digital services to earn additional toqqn and spend what they’ve acquired already for good. This provides true utility to our crypto token. Rewarding our users with crypto aids the adoption of cryptocurrency as a cross-border payment method that eliminates unnecessary third parties.

Toqqn Cryptocurrency (TQN)

Our crypto token (toqqn) will be an ERC20 compliant token (a subset of Ethereum.) ERC20 allows for seamless integration with other decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as Smart Contract integration. A strict limit of 1 billionTQN will be created and this is never to be increased.

The listing and exchange submission process will be started as soon as the fundraising is finished.


Total supply: 1 billion toqqns ​(never to be increased)

10% to acquire funding – unsold toqqns to be added to platform reserve.

50% to distribute to the users of toqqn platform.

20% reserved for the team

10% for Marketing, Bounties & Advisors

10% platform’s future development reserve.


The Toqqn project is unusual in a way that we only aim to collect the funds that’s necessary for the platform development.

We don’t aim to collect funds in millions and hence only 10% of the total supply will be offered for the investors.We are aiming to raise only to cover the actual costs of building the project. For us,the primary purpose of Toqqn is to benefit our user base by decentralizing their data, and to further the adoption of crypto as a payment system.

A total of 100 million toqqn (TQN) will be offered during the fundraising period, ​witha goal to raise at least $100,000.​

Investors will be able to contribute to the project from 1st ​week of November​. Investors and supporters can secure TQN with BTC, ETH, PayPal & Payoneer.

Toqqn Price

Toqqn’s initial value during the fundraising is set at $.001. ​

Price will increase per week from $0.002 to $0.005.

Investors will receive toqqns within the 1st week after the fundraising finishes.

Later on TQN can be used as a utility, a payment method to buy, sell services in the marketplace which comes in Phase 3 of the project.

Funds Usage

60% of the raised funds will be used entirely for the development of the platform.

10% of the funds will be kept as a reserve to deal with any emergency situations that may arrive.

20% of the raised funds will be used for branding and other marketing activities.

10% of the raised funds will be used for legal.


Official Toqqn Website