Trade Pharma Network TXP Token: The New Pharma-Centric Marketplace

Trade Pharma Network TXP Token: The New Pharma-Centric Marketplace
on November 19, 2018

Trade Pharma Network will be providing a multi-service platform and a new trade related experience for consumers by integrating Blockchain & AI into the Marketplace to create useful, efficient website navigation and provide consumers with more detailed description and visualization of products.

The innovative concept of Trade Pharma Network will drastically improve the current flaws in the pharmaceutical trade and services by integrating Blockchain, AI, IoT, 3D drug printing technologies to create a revolutionary and a multi-service platform.

Enabling healthcare businesses to build transparency and trust in their goods & supply chain, creating more predictability for drug makers to manage their supplies more efficiently to  prevent counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals & parallel imports. Indeed, we strive towards reduction in counterfeit products, protection of patients, elimination of insurance frauds, authenticity throughout the supply chain. We will address traceability & tracking challenges of each individual product, with its serial number or other identifiers when it is written into the TXP Blockchain & shared with all parties across the entire supply chain.

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