Waves (WAVES) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Waves (WAVES) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

Yes, it is, Waves tokens can be mined by many different ways other than using expensive GPU rigs to accumulate tokens just like other cryptocurrencies do. Some of the ways to mine Waves token is by ‘Leasing’ or ‘Lending’ your tokens to the network mining nodes and between 2% – 5% of your leasing afterward. However, rewards may vary depending on the number of transactions processed by the lessee in a week.

Another way of mining Wave tokens is to drink from the ‘Wave Faucets’ wherein you can actually gain up to 0.0001 Waves which can be acquired every 60 mined block. You can also receive surprise coins from the Waves network and there are a lot of websites which you can visit to try this way of growing the number of your tokens.

Maximum Circulating coins

As of today, the total number of the circulating Waves coins is about 100,000,000.


The year 2016 when Waves became the 7th most successful crowdfunding campaign in the world for they have collected a big amount of BTC with about 30 thousand BTC. The Waves Platform is a blockchain platform which can be accessed globally and publicly. This rising cryptocurrency platform has the mission to make areas in the entrepreneurship world easier by providing tools to make blockchain more accessible to every entrepreneur.

The Waves is a platform that enables users to trade tokens on a decentralized network making blockchain faster, more secure, and more transparent. Users in Wave can also represent their tokens in different forms of money like gold, properties, and company shares which can be deposited in the bank.

What makes it different?

The difference between the Waves and other cryptocurrencies is that it has the ability to give you the best of centralized systems and decentralized systems both in one platform. The Waves has its ability to let you make all your transactions between fiat to cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency to fiat to be recorded on the Waves blockchain.

Who is behind Waves (WAVES)?

The Waves is based in Moscow, it is founded by a Physicist named Sasha Ivanov in the year 2016 and was improved by Nxt developers. Ivanov is also the developer of Coinomat.com which is known as the first instant cryptocurrency exchange. Another is the CoinoUSD which is known as the first fiat blockchain token and CoinoIndex.com which is known as the first tradeable cryptocurrency index.

People with a great interest in blockchain like Martin Spodymek is also behind this growing company. Spodymek is currently the Head Community Manager and he helps in technical and marketing. Another person behind Waves is a passionate programmer who was graduated from Moscow State Technical University and is the back end developer of the company. The front end developer of Waves is a Java specialist, a software engineer with over ten years in the field named Sergey Ishchenko. Ishchenko is responsible for the Lite Client development and Distributed Team Coordination of the company.


Official Website: https://Wavesplatform.com/

Announcement Thread link to BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1387944.0

Block Explorer Link: http://www.Wavesgo.com/

Github source code link: https://github.com/Wavesplatform

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