YellowBetter YBT Token: We’ll Put the World On One Address

YellowBetter YBT Token: We’ll Put the World On One Address
on November 14, 2018

Yellow Better will be a social portal that gives you the opportunity to get closer to the living culture and language of the country that interests users through direct contact with the real representative of the country. The portal does not impose any rules of learning, it inspires and encourages openness in new ways of learning.

The “Global village”, which the world has become in the age of the Internet, gives the opportunity to establish a relationship with someone from the other side of the world in a quick way.

Such a meeting of two strangers who want to learn from each other, present their culture, interests – simply sharing themselves, gives results in the form of a vivid contact with language.

It is not just a lesson, e.g. English, but a virtual journey through the country thanks to conversation with our representative.

Yellow Better is a response to trends in an unstable and constantly changing reality. The idea  for the portal was created as a result of many years of observation of training and education  services in the field of foreign language teaching, as well as the demand for such services.

The  interest and need to learn many languages is so great that it seems that supply is not keeping  up with demand and does not take into account the key needs of target groups. The foundation  of the portal is the belief that the most effective method of learning foreign languages is  practice that connects directly to traveling, learning about culture, people and customs.

Knowledge is then deeply-rooted in the context, it is absorbed faster and remembered  for a long time.

It is learning through experience. Emotions, real experiences, direct contact with a given culture activate the learning areas in the brain that remain dormant during  a coursebook meeting with the language. Because the language is still alive, it reflects cultural contexts, customs and it is impossible to get to know it well without real contact with foreigners.

Yellow Better is to enable online communication between users of the portal. They can be divided into two main groups, which do not have to be separate from each other : on one hand, they will be humans motivated to learn foreign languages, and on the other, people appearing as teachers.

Private lessons will be provided in the form of electronic communication via the portal. In contrast to the competition’s offer, Yellow Better allows users to show their differences and individuality through the assigned place and interest parameter. In practice, people who want to learn foreign languages will search for teachers with a specific period of service, demographic characteristics or competences – so that they maximally respond to a given need.

Commission Model

Yellow Better will be based on a commission model, charged on the amount of remuneration granted to users for private lessons, as well as from advertising and sponsorship funds.

Yellow Better Services

• mediation in online tutoring, directed to people wanting to learn foreign languages and to tutors; the ability to search for teachers with specific parameters; option of using electronic forms of communication, such as chat, audio conversation and video call, online table, etc.

• the sale of advertisements and sponsored materials, addressed to companies interested in reaching the users of the website.


7,5% of pre-ICO tokens will be issued to finalize the pre-release version of the Yellow Better portal before the introduction of the full ICO.

150 million YBT tokens will be issued at EUR 0,01 each, totaling EUR 1.5 million in total funding.

YellowBetter YBT ICO

ICO gives you a great opportunity to get a token and thus a chance for lessons at a low price.

The increasing value of the token is ensured by the fact that it will be the only payment method on the portal. Consequently, as the number of users increases, the supply will also increase, which will result in a scaled capitalization of the token.

To ensure the greatest fluency of the token, as much as 5% of the money from the collection for launching the portal, will be used to implement the token for the maximum number of exchanges. It is extremely important that the token is widely available.

The Yellow Better ICO YBT issuance will be as follows:

YBT Token allocation will be as follow:

Yellow Better YBT Funds will be applied as follows:

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