ZCL (ZClassic) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

ZCL (ZClassic) Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

ZClassic/ZCach or ZCL is mineable in which aims to fix several privacy issues connected with BTC in which there is a number of unwanted elements constructed into its procedure. The mining process for ZClassic is like the other cryptocurrencies. It requires a high-end hardware for successful mining of ZCash. The user needs to check whether it’s CPU/ASIC/GPU (NVIDIA&AMD) is capable to use in mining. The user also needs to install any of the miners it depends on it. Also, the user needs to have the high-end server, a port no., the username or the worker name and download the latest wallet/miner. The high-end hardware need will enable the user to mine the ZClassic.

Maximum circulating coins

ZCL ZClassic Cryptocurrency running now at 3,448,550 ZCL circulating coins.


Zclassic is altcoin or also known as cryptocurrency with the optional ability to preserve the sender and the receiver, to private the amount of a given transaction. The Zclassic also uses the same source code of ZCash. Zclassic’s has the ability to make shielded addresses or also known as z-address. It is the alternative to the standard transparent address or t-address. Z-addresses uses non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs to preserve the collection of transactions to private. These proofs are providing evidence of ownership without knowing which items are owned. Zclassic’s started from the fork of Zcash coin last 5 of November 2016, 8 days after the Zcash release.

The differences between two coin are the 20% miner’s fee of Zclassic for the founders, and supply was only three million four hundred forty eight thousand five hundred fifty (3,448,550 ZcL). Both ZClassic and Zcash are using the same parameters including the ASIC-resistant equihash structure as well as the total supply that consists of 21million units. They develop the ZClassic in a parallel way along with ZCash.

What makes it Different?

ZCL or Zcash/ZClassic is primarily focused on cryptocurrency that receives a lot more attention as well as quickly established itself in which is one of the main cryptocurrencies on the section because of its zero knowledge in technology. Unlike other cryptocurrenies, ZCach/ZClassic did not release any ICO campaign in order for the user to do not gather any funds in developing the platform.

Who is behind ZClassic?

ZClassic is an open source with the zero knowledge showing decentralized structure that offers both selective transparencies of the following transactions and offers privacy. The founder of ZClassic named Rhett Creighton the one who lead the development of Bitcoin Private. The early project considered by the founder in which few devoted supporters of the ideas guiding the coin. In fact, they’re shouting out regarding the potential builders. Aside from the founder Cryptojake22 also works for the coin marketing as well as helping the evolution of the fork. J22 also acts as instrumental in the development of the hush-list coins for the ZClassic.


Official Website: https://zclassic.org/

Announcement Thread link to BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1671982.msg16789011#msg16789011

Block Explorer Link: http://explorer.zclmine.pro

Github source code link: https://github.com/z-classic/zclassic

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