Titan Autonomous: Building Next Generation Infrastructure for Machine Learning Applications


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Titan is an emerging, eco-friendly and cost-effective network solution for applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the marketplace today. Titan intends to address pressing industry challenges of insufficient computing power and skyrocketing costs by creating a distributed cloud computing network to share the load across linked computers. Titan helps you take control of your computing costs with on demand, scalable computing power.

Titan will leverage the power of the shared economy. With its unique business model, Titan plans to match suppliers and consumers of computing power across its network. Titan understands the need to help small  businesses and enterprise access technological scalability to leverage the benefits of machine learning and has set out to develop unique solutions addressing matters of infrastructure for companies of all sizes. This can be accomplished by leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a distributed cloud computing network.

Network providers simply need to purchase tokens, earning them a designation as Titan’s resource supplier. Titan Autonomous will then know exactly how much computing power you are offering to the network.

Titan will also be able to calculate appropriate token rewards by tracking your computer’s availability. Even if their resources are not being used, participants will be rewarded. This incentivizes participants to leave their  resources on the network at all times. It is Titan’s responsibility to keep utilization high – not the participants’.

Titan will also use blockchain to track client usage on the network. Customer requests will be broken down into jobs and sent out to multiple participants for completion. The Titan core will then reassemble the  components of the work and deliver to the customer. Time and computing power used will be captured on the blockchain for appropriate invoicing. Customers never have to pay for resources they never used.

The end result will be a model where all stakeholders within the ecosystem will receive what they pay for and what they expect – minimal wasted effort in a synchronized business model. The blockchain is absolutely the best tool to manage transactions on the Titan network.

Titan Tokens

Ethereum or TITAN tokens are earned based on the time and materials provided. These tokens can then be saved, traded through available exchanges or even turned into fiat currency based on the needs of the participant.

And when net proceeds from operations are generated, Titan may offer additional rebates through Ethereum airdrops to assist its network with equipment upgrades and expansions. Ethereum is a well-established cryptocurrency that can be traded on many exchanges and since Titan will be running on the Ethereum network, we intend to offer this rebate opportunity. It is a way to express our belief that we are all in this business  together. It is also a way for Titan to reinvest in the network itself.

Titan Token Rewards

The amount paid to each Network Service Provider, called Service Provider Reward (SPR), is dependent on the amount of computing power allocated to the network combined with the time resources are available for  on-demand access.

The SPR is then calculated by measuring each provider’s staked tokens against the total amount of tokens staked on the network. * For example, if one million tokens were staked on the network and a Network Service Provider (NSP) staked ten thousand tokens, the NSP would be entitled to 1% of the SPR.


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