TRX TRON cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

TRX TRON cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol which aims to create an worldwide virtual machine similar to Ethereum.

The TRON cryptocurrency goes by the TRX symbol.

The TRON project has undergone several changes, including an initial offering where tokens were initially held at the Ethereum blockchain.

TRON Mining?

Tron is mineable via Proof of Stake.

Maximum Circulating Coins: 100,000,000,000 TRX


TRX TRON is relatively new and released in September 2017.

However, TRX has sharp increases in price. There is only .002 cents during its start and in just 3 months after its release (December 9, 2017) it became around 0.45 cents, an increase of 22.5 fold or approximately 2150% increase.

Currently (late 2017) altcoins are drawing attention from investors who are looking to have access to a more cheap and affordable currencies, which might explain the sudden increase in price.

What makes TRON different?

TRON aims to be an Ethereum competitor. It runs a similar virtual machine and claims to yield over 2500 transactions per second (TPS).

Infrastructure: Distribution of digital assets is supported with a whole set of infrastructures that are decentralized including game system, forecast, autonomous gaming and distributed exchange.

Personal Fundraising: A person may have the freedom to distribute digital assets through fundraising and other may enjoy the services and benefits brought because of the continuous data contributors’ development through digital assets purchase.

Content Enabling: Through the spread of content and provisions, digital assets can be obtained, therefore economically stimulating the content ecology enabling.

Data Freedom: The contents including videos, audios, and pictures may be spread, stored, and unloaded on an uncontrolled and free basis.

Who is behind TRX TRON?

Justin Sun is TRON’s CEO.

He also founded Peiwo, a chat app and was a former Bitcoin settlement platform Ripple representative in China.

Sun is the CEO of BitTorrent.


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