Vip2Fan Idoru Coin: Platform to Purchase Memorabilia with Blockchain

2020 Update

The VIP2Fan coin hasn't had any transfers since 2018.

We've moved this project to the Dead Coins section.

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VIP2fan is an innovative solution that unites people with their idols, enabling celebrities to generate their tangible souvenirs and sell them through the app, with blockchain technology, which guarantees their authenticity.
At the same time, all certified merchandising can also enter the market (prior approval) and be, from that moment on, secure in their exchange, which allows the scalability of the system and its expansion to other  modalities (art, jewelry, timepieces and others).

Vip2Fan in a Nutshell

Create a safe ecosystem for the exchange of tangible goods from celebrities to fans/followers.

Potential market = US$ 387,000 million

Specialized, compact team with extensive experience.

Large network of contacts with celebrities.

IDORU Tokens

IDORU tokens to be used within the VIP2fan ecosystem.

Sales target: 7,000,000 US$

Pre-sale 30% bonus
Sale on the first day 20% bonus (tokens)

Sale during the public sale 10% bonus (tokens)

In all instances: for each referral, a bonus of 20% of the investment made by the referral (tokens)

Limited amount of IDORU tokens
22 months for development. 

The tokens not sold in the ICO offering will be distributed among the buyers.


“Memorabilia “ or “tangible Collectable asset/goods” are souvenirs of celebrities, athletes, musicians or artists.

The difference between memorabilia and merchandising is that the merchandising is created specifically to fulfill the “memory” role, while memorabilia also includes other elements such as: clothing used by artists, parts of movie sets, balls, rackets, bicycles used by athletes , etc.


VIP2fan offers a double solution : on the one hand, the memorabilia generated by its own celebrity database is tokenized, using blockchain, which obligates it to be aligned to the chain of blocks, and therefore allows one to know that it is original from the start and not falsified.

On the other hand, with reference to the social aspect, the VIP2fan solution creates a meeting point to unite celebrities with fans/followers, where personalized events are offered and specific merchandising can be created for the fans if desired.


The use of blockchain technology will be the biggest revolution in this sector up to now - the possibility of falsifications will be eliminated because everything will be registered, traced and certified.

Due to the fact that the artists ́/celebrities ́ profiles are validated by us, and all tran- sactions are traceable through the blockchain technology, the fan/purchaser will not only be sure that what he buys belongs to that person but that he will have a public certificate ( smart contract ) that confirms that this is really the case.

This contract will contain data to the origin of the object, certifying that it belonged or was originated by the corresponding celebrity. Likewise, the quantity of identical objects will be specified in the case of being a  Limited Edition.

The VIP2fan project uses blockchain technology to tokenize the objects that are sold through its interface. This process is called “tokenization“.

Tokenization (the key difference between selling through VIP2fan or selling through other web shops) is beneficial for the entire system because it guarantees the originand the inability to falsify because there is a  corresponding contact for each object, favoring the purchase and subsequent sale.

This procedure enables the artist/athlete/celebrity to obtain the desired price for the product, without intermediaries, and the certificate assures the fan/buyer that the product is original and belonged to the celebrity in question. For all transactions the Idoru cryptocoin will be used.


The VIP2fan project will offer a maximum of 330,000,000 IDORUs .

The public offer will be 65% of the IDORUs .

The IDORUs will be sold for 0.07 US$ each, purchased with Ethereum , at a price that will be calculated at the time of purchase.

In the pre-sale there will be a discount of 30%.

All funds are guaranteed (in Fiat currency), to be returned within a year, to those who are first buyers and have not performed any transactions with the Idoru cryptocoins.

During the sale there will be a discount of 20% for purchases made on the first day and a discount of 10% for the rest of the days

Both in the private presale and in the public sale, there is an incentive corresponding to 20% of the tokens purchased by a referral.

Soft Cap : 500,000 US$- Hard Cap : 7,500,000 US$

A portion of the tokens will be distributed among the founders, team members, and the company, as indicated in the following illustration:


The funds collected from the token sales will be used to develop and maintain the VIP2fan App and further develop more functionalities of the VIP2fan platform and the IDORU token.

These funds will also be used to incentivize sports/music/film/theater stars to gene- rate groups of fans/followers and schedule personalized events.

The majority of the funds raised will be for the development, operation and publicity of the platform and to achieve a critical mass of celebrities so that the IDORU token and the VIP2fan platform become a reference.

Of the funds raised, 10% will go for legal resources; 10% for maintenance of the structure; 20 for the development of the platform, the application and the backend; 45% for marketing; and 15% for other uses.


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