ELI5 WAX (WAX) Cryptocurrency

ELI5 WAX (WAX) Cryptocurrency

The WAX (WAX) is a non-mineable cryptocurrency. You can purchase this coin at leading exchanges such as Tidex, Bancor Network, EtherDelta, Bibox, and Huobi.

Monetary Data

The WAX cryptocurrency has a total maximum circulating coins of 492,954,537 WAX but the total maximum coin supply is 1850,000,000 WAX.


The WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange was created in the year 2015. In fact, this project was on track with the objective of solving a lot of problems that outbreak the virtual item dealing industry.

The WAX team, on the other hand, believes that perfect solution to this issue is a worldwide virtual item storehouse. The repository is accessible to any person that offers a comprehensive catalog of all stuff that is for sale in the real world.

What Makes it Different?

WAX is an international open market that has been created solely for the trading and exchange virtual goods that are related to video games. On the other hand, all of the dealings are executed and implemented by means of a smart contract as well as financial possibilities that are commonly experienced by a consignment-based marketplace will be totally eliminated.

In addition, the system used by WAX is capable of processing a large volume of transactions every day compared to others. However, every transaction that takes place earns a lesser fee but the collected fees will be used for the expansion of the WAX platform.

Who is behind WAX (WAX)?

WAX was founded by the creators of OPSkins. OPSkins is a prominent online marketplace intended for online video game assets. With this, the persons behind the success of WAX have enough experience and knowledge in developing popular online marketplaces, particularly in the gaming community. As well as the integration of two platforms that have higher levels.

At present, William Quigley (CEO) is the one who is in charge in all company’s operation. Quigley has been in the world of the gaming industry for more than two decades and Cashel Enterprises Managing Director. While John Brechisci who is the CTO and Co-Founder of OPSkins is responsible for the handling and design of the Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX platform.

Aside from them, Scott Walker who is a veteran of the technology industry and cryptocurrencies and Anthony Di Iorio the co-founder of Ethereum also belongs to the team.

On the other hand, the majority of OPSkins consumers are also adapted paying with cryptocurrency, simply because the WAX platform has been accepted the Bitcoin more than two years ago.

However, all the open-source software that was being utilized in this project was written by OPSkins. And WAX is an open-source project.

Nevertheless, it will come as an entirely established network system that is all set for immediate utilization since WAX is supported by the OPSkins Platform.


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