Worbli WBI Token: Blockchain’s Financial District


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WORBLI is a financial services network and ecosystem where developers, enterprises, and individuals can access a broad range of technology and a variety of advisory services.

WORBLI’s innovative new network will be the impetus that attracts large enterprises and talented developers to the blockchain who will help forge a vibrant ecosystem for in which everyone will benefit.

WORBLI translates to an immensely secure consumer-facing platform or operating system, where their favourite apps are accessible to use on their smartphones, wearable tech and/or computers.

WORBLI leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralised applications (dApps) focused on widespread user adoption and providing a secure, reliable and regulatory compliant ecosystem for financial innovation.

WORBLI offers a fully transparent ecosystem that focuses on fintech products and applications for consumers, SMEs, and institutions.

A unique and critical feature of WORBLI is the ability to recover user accounts. On many blockchains - if you’re locked out, you’re out. WORBLI will provide account recovery for all users; therefore if private keys  are lost - there is a process for the user to recover their account. Additionally, WORBLI’s network governance is designed to meet the regulatory needs of global financial services and financial technology businesses.

With all of this in mind - we can enable mass adoption of blockchain technology - whether the end user knows they’re using blockchain or not.

Together with WORBLI’s partners and Block Producers, the creation of an Education Hub including a series of SDKs, hackathons, workshops, webinars, and podcasts that will enable and encourage widespread use and adoption of blockchain technology by developers and businesses alike.

WORBLI has already commenced developing services across its ecosystem including Gamma Bank a fiat & digital currency bank, a Decentralized Exchange, an Insuretech product, and more. WORBLI is creating a globally compliant framework exceeding the regulatory needs of those wanting to develop and deploy their products, services and/or applications on WORBLI, the financial services blockchain.

WBI Token

The WORBLI (WBI) Token is created as an ERC20 token to provide ease of use at the project’s inception. The ERC20 standard is widely accepted across the digital currency sector on trading platforms and existing  wallet hardware and software. Once our independent EOS blockchain launches, we will implement an EOS token and initiate a 1:1 swap for all outstanding ERC20 tokens to the native Worbli Network EOS token.

The initial circulation comprises 2,500,000,000 (2.5 Billion) WORBLI (WBI) issued proportionately as follows:

After the conclusion of our fundraising, future WORBLI Token issuance will come through token creation as a reward to Block Producers (Masternodes) in the EOS software platform. Block Producers will provide various services to the network, and we believe these areas of expertise will grow over time from Blockchain Development to Governance Advisory Services.


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