The World Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018 – Ten Projects to Watch

The World Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018 – Ten Projects to Watch

Singapore is fast becoming one of the top destinations in the world for blockchain startups seeking funding. China’s crackdown on digital currencies caused investors there to disperse, and they found a more welcoming home in Singapore.

A forward-thinking government ready to embrace new technology is helping to boost investment and create fertile ground in which to plant the seeds for new initiatives. Singapore even has a crypto version of its own currency, an Ethereum-based token known as “Project Ubin”.

The rising popularity of blockchain technology in Singapore was further demonstrated in July 2018. The World Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018 brought together the biggest players in blockchain technology.

The conference is part of a global series of events, with conferences taking place in nine other destinations across the globe. The two-day event attracted startups, investors and speakers from all over the world. Here are 10 of the most compelling startups present:


The Clarity platform uses blockchain technology to solve common financial problems for startups. It’s a secure platform for businesses to store their financial and non-financial data in order to help connect them with suitable lenders and investors.


Aiming to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, the Coinexis platform allows users to convert any currency into their COX coin which can then be converted into coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This offers a novel route into cryptocurrency investment and helps to resolve the liquidity problem facing many coins.

Realestate Doc

A B2B commercial real estate startup helping companies to move their business and contracts onto the blockchain for improved automation and efficiency.


Traditional passwords don’t work, and this is something that Remme hopes to solve. Their blockchain password authentication software uses browser certificates in place of traditional passwords and removes the need for two-step verification.


This Swiss company aims to revolutionise the power industry by using Methanol as an energy carrier. This green fuel can be synthesized using carbon capture, so the hope is that it will incentivise carbon capture programmes throughout the world.

Game Protocol

After 7 years in the gaming industry and building up the largest online backgammon community, Game Protocol set out to fix the issues facing game developers using blockchain technology.


Luxury goods are under threat from counterfeit items, but Rockercoin aims to change all of that. Using blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency, Rockercoin hopes to give luxury goods companies control over their supply chain to help stamp out the counterfeit trade.

Scala Blockchain

A consultancy group for blockchain startups, Scala Blockchain are hoping to raise funds to help other startups launch new coins. They help companies to create their own ICOs or cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Truth Data Cloud

Responding to the issue of data privacy abuse, Truth Data Cloud gives users control of their own data and allows them to monetise it through Truth tokens. Advertisers can access the same data as before, except now the profit goes into the pocket of the data owner, rather than the data harvester.


With one simple aim of saving lives, this blockchain startup hopes to transform road traffic safety. Giving drivers access to their driving data and using AI technology to identify unsafe driving habits, Discoperi hopes to make the roads safer for car owners.

As one of the world’s leading destinations for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the World Blockchain Summit Singapore offers a glimpse into the future. For investors hoping to stay ahead of the curve, there is no shortage of exciting and meaningful projects to get on board with. From solving real-world problems like Silent’s green fuel solution to offering improved data ownership with the Truth Data Cloud, there is no shortage of investment opportunities in blockchain technology at the moment.


About the Author: Luke Szkudlarek, Digital Strategy Lead and Founding Partner, Luke has over ten years of international experience in the digital sector, having worked in companies and marketing agencies across the UK, Poland and Zurich. Now Luke leads growth hacking strategies for ICO projects at, Luke has helped to raise more than $50m through a number of ICO projects. Luke is active on the Swiss startup scene.


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