Waltonchain WTC Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Waltonchain WTC Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

WTC Crypto

Waltonchain is committed to leading humanity into a reliable digital life, establishment of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and healthy development of a brand new business ecosystem via the blockchain technology.


The Waltonchain Cryptocurrency (WTC) is not mineable. Thus this particular Cryptocurrency is being purchased and are not mined. Furthermore, there is also a need for a certain person to buy the coins and earn interest by means of holding the coins in the wallet. The more coins, the higher interest rate you will have. WTC being a non-mineable Cryptocurrency makes it a highly valuable one, because of its limited potential to increase in size. This is mainly because of the constant supply.

WTC is mainly used as a transactional coin to be able to perform various activities off of a specific parent chain via byte free payments, reward nodes for the maintenance of network, and facilitate collaboration in between sub chains.

WTC in Numbers

The maximum circulating coins in Waltonchain or WTC Cryptocurrency is 24,898,178 WTC.

Waltonchain History

The Waltonchain or WTC Cryptocurrency was actually named after Charlie Walton who died on November 2011. It was first launched in November 2016. It is actually a joint project between Korean and Chinese developers, who aims at combining a blockchain technology and an RFID or radio frequency identification.

To be able to commemorate Charlie Walton, the project was called Waltonchain. This is to carry forward his invention and to blaze a trail to the future. The token on Waltonchain Cryptocurrency is used for circulation and the payment is called Waltoncoin, which is then called WTC. WTC is the most important digital coin in Walton ecosystem.

How is WTC Different?

What makes the Waltonchain or WTC Cryptocurrency different from others is that it is a blockchain that mainly uses a next-generation Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to be able to track items to be able to improve the supply chain management, the management of the retail stock, and to collect big-data. This is while at the same time keeping track of the clients’ details and their own distinctive preferences as well. In turn, all of this may greatly streamline the manufacturing processes as well as minimize the costs. Furthermore, it may also be invaluable in the creation of the appropriate access to the devolved hub.

Who is behind WTC?

As stated earlier, the Waltonchain or WTC Cryptocurrency was named after Charlie Walton. However, it was launched in November 2016. Furthermore, it is a joint project between Korean and Chinese developers.

The Waltonchain team is actually loaded with enough supply chain experience. One of the co-founders, Do Sanghyuk was actually previously the director of the Korean Standard Products Association. Xu Fangcheng, the other co-founder of WTC was also the Supply Chain Management Director of the Septwolves Group Ltd.

Furthermore, those who are behind the Waltonchain Cryptocurrency intend to develop it in four stages. Starting from the building of the underlying foundation, progressively extending to retail, logistics network, and finally, the integration of product manufacturers.

One thing is sure about Waltonchain, it quickly expands beyond just the supply chain.


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