5 Things Customers Look For In A Crypto Exchange

Apr 10, 2019
Cryptocurrency trading is a very profitable venture. With the Bitcoin valued at more than $11000, it has kicked off a bullish trend. With increased awareness and easy access to virtual currencies, the demand for cryptos is increasing manifold. Today, several exchange platforms organize daily trading volumes that are worth billions of dollars.

Launching an exchange in 2019 is very easy. Companies like Blockchain App Factory are offering premium white label crypto exchange solutions. Their services are very easy to customize and very simple to deploy. Their platforms are equipped with the following features:

  • Several Trading Options: Enhance the trading experience by providing a variety of trading options that range from market orders to margin trading.

  • Automation: Employ trade bots to execute orders based on predefined parameters automatically.

  • Easy Liquidity: Allow easy deposit and withdrawal of funds.

  • Optimized Matching: Pair buyers and sellers quickly and accurately

  • Multi-currency Support: Organize trading for a variety of currencies that popular as well as niche.
Build your crypto exchange with Blockchain App Factory. They are known for their robust platforms that are protected with the best security protocols. Their solutions are 100% whitelabeled and very easy to customize.