Essential Security Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Jan 22, 2019
Cryptocurrency Exchange:
Cryptocurrency Exchange is a platform that allows you to trade digital assets such as Bitcoin. Depending on the exchange, you may be able to trade cash for digital assets, or you may be able to trade one digital asset for another.
It makes the Bitcoin business software faster, more powerful, secured, flexible and easier to use.Cryptocurrency business enthusiastic can get the business script as software package which can be customized and designed with special features to meet your business requirements.
Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:
(i)Centralized Crypto Exchange
(ii)Decentralized Crypto Exchange
(iii)Whitelabel Crypto Exchange
Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:
(i)Privacy Security Key Protection:
The blockchain technology has transformed the way in which people do business all across the globe by eliminating the middleman. But this has also increased the privacy and security concerns that people face. These concerns can safely be eliminated by using this privacy security key protection feature.
(ii) Google Authentication:
2FA like google authenticator and OTP codes provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that a valid user in accessing the account on every login and Withdrawal.
KYC/AML are essential to prevent unauthorized access and money laundering in crypto exchange .Moving around Large sums of assets in the Platform will immediately trigger anti-money Laundering checks to ensure a secure trade.
(iv)API Integration:
The trades occurring at an exchange platform driveits liquidity position and without trading activities, no exchange can survive.The most reliable way to manage liquidity is by integrating the exchange to other existing exchanges.
(v)Multi-Sig Wallet Configuration:
Embedding multi-sig wallet in the exchange offers more than one key for transaction authorization. It is generally utilized to share the responsibility of possessing the digital assets stored in the Wallet.
Benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:
Payment secure is based on crypto system which has directly intract to Payment gateway platform and bank.
Availability: The Payment function availability method is simply by bank or Visa, Master Card.
Privacy: The Source of CVV or OTP is secure by user and fetch with mobile or email.So no one person use this easily.
Open Source: The Payment gateway source platform is open sources which are always sync with any web browser or application.
How Cryptocurrency Exchange Works?
Our Platform Uses Cryptocurrency‘s own specifications to empower a safe route of exchanging various cryptocurrencies with a non-trusted peer without even a requirement of the consolidated trusted 3rd Party.
1. Cryptocurrency Exchange software matches the two people, one selling and the other is buying the particular Cryptocurrency.
2. In Predefined Steps, the exchange of the value takes place via Payment processor, the local currency is transferred which will support non-reversible Payments.
3. For Security, a tiny amount of cryptocurrency from the local currency and seller from the buyer is kept.
4. As primarily agreed, the exchange continues until the buyer has all the cryptocurrency and the seller has all the money in normal currency.

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Jun 8, 2019
Thanks for the suggestions about good and quality services, I would like to know what kinds of coins can I use in this software? Thanks in advance)