Expert Suggestions on ICO Marketing

Jun 11, 2019
Trust is significant -- Write a clear-cut Whitepaper.

A whitepaper is the very basic need for an ICO. The primary job of a whitepaper is to convince the investors why your token will be of enormous value one day, and why they should buy it right now. This is more like a business card but with a lot of details.

  1. The whitepaper should speak about the teams that worked in creating the coins.
  2. It should also include the advisors and how well versed they are.
  3. The whitepaper should contain your company’s reputation and origin.
  4. What plans you have for token distribution.
  5. Most importantly, the challenge in your domain and how your coins will solve them.

Build crypto communities on Social Media

Always remember, the stronger your community, the better chances you will have for a successful launch. Hence build a strong, very strong crypto community for your launch.

Don’t forget Telegram, influencer marketing, and Medium

As we all know, Telegram is a super-flexible platform. Cryptocurrency companies can create communities. The unique encryption that Telegram provides makes it popular amongst many users.

You can use Medium to publish important blogs, spread knowledge about your cryptocurrency, and do a lot more. The same way, a lot of people take the words for influencers. You can approach some influencers and ask them to post about your project.

Keep an eye on popular ICO calendars

Remember to keep posting about your events on the ICO calendars. Many people follow that.

A lot more
There are a lot more methods to do ICO marketing effectively. However, if you are planning to do it all by yourself, do it only if you are a marketing expert. If not, then there is a company called the Blockchain Firm that has been topping the beat ICO marketing companies’ list. They do complete ICO marketing services and help you profit from the launch.