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Jun 13, 2018
Giltxchange has taken the supreme place in terms of most peculiar advanced resources trade in India.

It is the new generation Blockchain technology adaptation for the most convenient cryptocurrencies conversion for each and every one. It will allow you to purchase Bitcoin effortlessly and a wide variety of other crypto coins and tokens as well. All of them could be easily converted to FIAT money.

Giltxchange is the supreme in the hybrid decentralized exchange and is protecting the interest of the traders and contributors. A positive and convenient belvedere provided by Giltx is protecting the interest of the traders.


User Becomes An Owner:
The output would be shared by us that are brought into light by trade belvedere only to ICO participants. GIX will empower clients who take an interest in ICO will get the benefits of Exchange Platform forever time and in addition they won't charge any expense to purchase or offer all major cryptographic forms of money, and furthermore the world's most broadly utilized fiat monetary standards, so as to furnish them with both high liquidity levels and greatest comfort.


Utility Debit Card:
You would have best kind of debit card in order to secure your future. And this allows you to manage payments online and offline.

Mobile Wallet:
Giltx offers you with free wallet service after submitting KYC (know your Customers). This wallet would be connected to the personal account unquestionably.

Mobile Exchange:
The exchange between your crypto & traditional currencies is also one of its main features which are available with Mobile Exchange facility where you can exchange your GIX coin from your accustomed currency. The coin can be exchanged form your mobile device itself.

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