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Apr 15, 2019
Hi there,

We are the team behind the gamified cryptocurrency portfolio simulator - Plutus Wallet. Our main goal is to make crypto investing easier and fun for most people.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a virtual portfolio mode. It allows users to get accustomed to cryptocurrency trading in a casual and easy way. All of its features are free and no real assets or money is involved.

Virtual Portfolio:
• Allows users to create and experiment with up to ten crypto portfolios.
• Each portfolio has a certain start value (balance), which is just a virtual amount. No real assets or money involved.
• The user assembles a portfolio with up to five cryptocurrency coins and then manages it by adding / removing coins in a quest for the most profitable combination. When the coins within a portfolio gain in value, the portfolio gains in value and vice versa.
• To simplify things, Plutus Wallet only displays the current balance of the portfolios and their percentage of change. This enables the user to quickly analyse, which portfolio is gaining and which is decreasing in value and has to be managed better.
• There are over 100 cryptocurrencies to choose from, each fully described and categorised with the possibility to sort them by volume, growth during different time periods and name.
• Best performing portfolios are ranked by growth in 6 different leaderboards.
• Users get rewarded with Plutus Coins, the in-app currency, for a Top 10 place in one of the leaderboards. The higher the ranking, the more Plutus Coins you earn.
• Each user can follow and/or copy portfolios from the leaderboards to his own collection.
• With Plutus Coins you can create a real portfolio and connect it to a real cryptocurrency exchange.

More experienced users can continuously experiment with different strategies by creating and managing different portfolios and comparing results. Portfolio rebalancing and asset allocation are features that will help to achieve even better results.

And those who want to start real trading, are able to do so by creating a real portfolio:

Real Portfolio:
• It is Plutus Wallet’s portfolio management tool that you connect to a real cryptocurrency exchange account.
• Key advantages are user-friendliness and simplicity of use.
• The user can connect and manage his real cryptocurrency portfolio anytime and anywhere.
• Plutus Wallet does not charge any commission or fee. There is only the exchange fee when you complete real deals through your real portfolio.

You can download Plutus Wallet directly from Google Play

Your feedback would be appreciated! If you have any questions, leave your comments below or visit our website:
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