NOIA Token Metrics and Token Release Schedule

May 5, 2019
We’re less than 2 weeks away from NOIA token being launched on an exchange for the first time. As time is running out fast, we’re putting the finishing touches on all the details. This time we come to you with finalized NOIA Token Metrics as well as the Token Release Schedule.
NOIA Token Metrics

NOIA Token Metrics
Initial Circulating Supply of 1.41% includes all the unlocked tokens on the day of the listing, and excludes Liquidity Provision pool. It is therefore comprised of:
  • Cobak Launchpad: 750 ETH worth of NOIA tokens were sold in less than 1 minute on a Korean launchpad platform Cobak on July 4. The tokens sold equal approximately 0.76% of total token supply.
  • Node Reward Airdrop: Over the last 12 months NOIA community members accumulated approximately 6 million NOIA tokens. By the time NOIA gets listed on KuCoin it will reach 0.65% of total token supply.
● Circulating supply will be around 1.41% of total token supply at the time of listing on KuCoin, it will stay around 3% for the first 3 months and gradually increase to 34% at the end of the first year of trading (excluding Liquidity Provision — see below).
Liquidity Provision pool was set in place and allocated to trusted professional liquidity providers to provide sufficient token liquidity and healthy market conditions.
Market Cap at Circulation (both at the time of listing and after distribution at month 3) assumes a fixed token price ($0.033/NOIA). Actual outcome will differ from the provided estimates due to the token price fluctuation.
● Private investor tokens are all locked on the day of the listing.
Initial Exchange Listing will happen on KuCoin on the 22nd of July.
NOIA Token Release Schedule — Year 1
NOIA token release schedule

NOIA Token Allocation
NOIA Token Allocation

Stay tuned as we’re going to be announcing a number of significant developments and exciting additions to our team over the next couple of days. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, we are always happy to hear from you.
We look forward to the launch of the NOIA Token and the further evolution of NOIA Network. And as always, we appreciate your continued support.

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Disclaimer: Information provided above is as accurate as possible as of 10th of July, 2019. NOIA Network reserves the right, at its discretion, to change and modify its model or parts of it without notice and for any reason