The Easiest Way to Own Bitcoin

Aug 1, 2019
Here’s good news to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and also those who are curious about the digital currency craze.
Bitcoin has turned out to be one of the trending topics both in the physical and virtual world. People across all cultures are hyped up by its potential to become the future means of transaction. Who would have thought cashing in on the digital gold rush would be this handy?

Between its complexity and risks, many people are still having questions and confusions about the technology that underlies this digital currency.

Cold Storage Coins answers all the perplexity of owning and securing Bitcoins. This hardware wallet is OFFLINE, UNHACKABLE, and guarantees ease and convenience. No passwords are required. The wallet address and private key code are laser-etched on the surface of the coin, secured beneath a state-of-the-art tamper-evident holographic sticker, making it safe storage where thieves and hackers could not break in and steal. Crafted from 999 fine copper, silver, and gold, these coins are fire-proof and flood-resistant.

Behind the success of the birth of the ‘currency of the digital age’ is a team of passionate people eager to influence a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our goal is to give solution to digital risks by revolutionizing a hardware wallet that is safe from hacking, helping millions of people put their confidence in securing their digital assets in a functional wallet such as Cold Storage Coins.

We're launching to GIVE AWAY millions of Cold Storage Coins.

Still can’t believe that we are GIVING AWAY these coins for FREE?

Our mission is simple: PROMOTE WALLET ADOPTION

If there will be more people having access to Bitcoins worldwide, then we can finally embrace the future - the age of decentralized money, money that everybody can own.