The Merits Of Cryptocurrency App Development

May 27, 2019

Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital/virtual currencies. These work on the blockchain platform. This is just the outline if you like to keep things simple.

However, there is more to cryptos when you are eager to learn. Here is an in-depth clarification on the matter. This is essentially an internet-based medium of exchange, where cryptography plays an aor role. The currencies can be transferred between peers without having to depend on the intermediaries.

However, it relies on the blockchain platform to gain transparency, immutability and many more unique features.

Features of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain-based apps

Neither of these (cryptocurrencies & blockchain-based apps) is controlled by the central authorities. The decentralized nature makes cryptocurrencies immune to the central authority’s control and interference.

As mentioned earlier, these can be sent directly to the peers, without having to depend on the third parties like banks. This way the transaction fee becomes half or even lesser.

These are transparent beyond one could imagine. Since this a decentralized peer-to-peer network, all the nodes are aware of the transactions made to individuals. Also, double spending is completely avoided.

Best features of a cryptocurrency application
  • Quick and easy social media and Google login
  • Watch real-time market trends
  • Get detailed information on the coins
  • Get notified of international cryptocurrency worth in the market
  • Add cryptocurrency exchange for more convenience
  • Options to search the desired cryptos and trace the historical value
  • The possible revenue model for the crypto apps

  • Referral method to attract new investors
  • Sponsored advertisements
  • Premium version of the app with more attractive features
  • Enable different types of ads like text, video, carousel, etc.
  • Custom-sized ads in the apps for different pricing.

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