Nov 12, 2018
Webcasino.bet is a new trending online casino with the most sought-after games, friendly interface, professional customer service team and growing audience. It works 24×7 and attracts clients throughout the world. Both new players and our loyal customers benefit from casino’s exclusive offers and bonuses. The company has succeeded to create a profitable online casino with rapidly growing audience but it strives for becoming something far greater and bigger than just another gambling website.
Funds raised during Webcasino.Bet ICO will be used to expand the number of game providers and payment systems, as well as to develop marketing campaign and, as a main goal, to release the blockchain system integration.

Technical features of the project
• The project is created on the Softgamings platform (partners since 2017).
• Most popular payment systems are integrated in the platform
• The WEBC token is used as a commodity
WEBC token can be used as a commodity in casino website and marketing and affiliate deals. Tokens also can be received by bounty hunters during our bounty program.

ICO details:
Soft cap: $5,000,000
Hard cap: $15,000,000
Pre-ICO dates: November 1st 2018 – February 1st 2019
ICO dates: April 1st 2019 – August 1st 2019

Funds’ distribution:
• 10% - Team;
• 5% - Bounty program;
• 10% - Advisors, Reserve;
• 75% - Token sale.

The main Webcasino.Bet’s advantages:
  • Working project that is already generating profit
Unlike other projects, Webcasino.Bet ICO is backed by an already working profitable project - the online casino - to ensure both your profits and the tokens’ reliability and value.
  • Casino’s software is powered by highly-acclaimed online entertainment providers and hundreds of games
Webcasino.Bet knows how to satisfy even the most demanding gambler's taste. Find your favorite game among slots, roulette, table games, video poker or live casino.
  • Partnership with major affiliate companies

  • Very competent and experienced team

  • Guaranteed Payouts
Fast and secure payouts to the casino players.

Webcasino.bet is a real project generating profit at this very moment. On top of that Webcasino.Bet plans to implement a broad number of social networking functions that will give players a convenient way of socializing.
Проект заключается не в том, чтобы рисковать, преследовать мечты или обещать что-то нереальное, а скорее о том, чтобы взять победный путь финансового успеха, а затем неуклонно расширять то, что уже построено.
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Contact email: info@casinoico.io
Online casino website: www.webcasino.bet
ICO website: www.casinoico.io