Zenome: Blockchain-based genomic ecosystem

The Zenome Platform is going to raise awareness on genomic medicine, so users can make conscious decisions regarding their data. To ensure that, the Zenome Platform is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Individual ownership of personal genomic information Each participant has all rights for personal genomic data.
  • Freedom of choice Each participant decides how individual genetic information should be used.
  • One may decide whether or not to participate in scientific/clinical research.
  • The right to share The participant may grant access to genetic information to a third party in a way restricting data copying.
  • Privacy Private data encryption makes it impossible to access individual genetic information without explicit user’s permission.
  • Distributed data storage Distributed database architecture provides high availability and fault tolerance through replication and scale out ability.
  • Distributed data processing Data is processed on many network nodes at the same time. Any user can become a node by providing disk space and CPU time to the network.
  • Scalability The platform architecture enables great scalability and flexibility of the system.

The Zenome Platform Ecosystem

On the Zenome platform user 1 is engaged in many types of different interactions throughout the system. These interactions take place at different system levels, don’t interfere with each other and involve different  patterns of interactions. Thus, they should be represented as distinct entities that have different roles.

Inside Zenome Platform different types of information, namely genomic, personal and financial data, are inextricably intertwined. The specific nature of each type determines the way to store information of that kind.

Financial data, which includes records of transactions, is stored on blockchain. Anonymized genomic data is stored on the distributed network. Participant’s personal data is kept on their own computers only. Treating data of different kind diffently provides privacy as well as scalability of the system.

Since all data transactions, including buying and selling data, are governed by smart-contracts, reflecting the decentralized nature of the platform, interactions can only include balances stored on blockchains. Using any of pre-existing tokens for this purpose would result in unreasonable dependence on the valuation of external token or coin. Thus, a separate utility token should be issued to power economic interactions on the platform.

This, in particular, means that you cannot buy a genetic data with «normal» money, you have to obtain tokens first. Zenome DNA (ZNA) is an utility token on Zenome platform. The valuation of ZNA is tied to the  success of the platform.

2020 Update

It was recently announced on the project's Telegram group that Zenome has been listed on Uniswap. There has been no official announcement on the ANN Telegram channel.


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