Electron Avalanche Wallet ["Electrum for AVAX"]

GM frens!

The idea here is to have an Avalanche Wallet running outside the web browser, independently from wallet.avax.network - which is set to be sunset any day now.

Ava Labs have listened to the community on Twitter and decided to delay the Wallet deactivation a little longer. Still, I'd really like to keep using the original Avalanche Wallet and I think Electron is the easiest way to turn the Vue app into a standalone wallet.

Onto the good news. Getting Avalanche Wallet running on Electron was a breeze! Check it out!


Tested a throwaway mnemonic phrase and it worked perfectly.

If you'd like to try it out yourself, just download my Github repo and build it. (Use the original instructions from Ava Labs for that)

Then do:

yarn electron:serve

That should be it. Wallet should open up with a developer console visible on the Electron window.

First impressions: this is tons safer than running Wallet inside a web browser!!! Electron has no add-ons, no other sites or windows open, runs inside its own memory space and is completely separate from Chrome, Brave and other browser processes.

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