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About Crypto.BI

Crypto.BI, a wholly owned subsidiary of SHA256(“fun”) Incorporated, is run by nerds from around the world.

It’s a project started by friends to document and track the progress of software development, information security, cryptography, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and revolutionary decentralized financial technologies such as Avalanche and Bitcoin.

We are 100% independent and run by individuals from various professions and many different walks of life. Authors


Developer and technical writer. In charge of fixing the coffee machine at


Crypto Bill

Bill is a writer, geek, crypto-curious polyheurist, a dog’s best friend and coffee addict.

Gal Crypto

Geek crypto Gal stacking sats to buy more tats. Editor at Crypto.BI, front-end developer and weekend skater.

Toolbox Team

The kind folks who were behind documenting the [paused for now] Bitcoin Toolbox project and related software (~2019).

Contact Us

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Email: contact [at] Crypto.BI

Financial Disclosure Policy

Our investments are fully disclosed whenever there may be a conflict or when a cryptocurrency we invest in has been mentioned. was not funded by venture capital or institutional investors.

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