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Crypto.BI Toolbox

Crypto.BI Toolbox is a set of free and open source C++ and Python tools that allow you to explore the Bitcoin blockchain on your PC without using third party APIs.

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Encrypted Cloud Backups

Encrypt files, directories and MySQL databases, mangle the resulting filenames and securely upload the encrypted archives to the cloud. 100% free, open source software.

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Cardano Network Tools

Create your own Cardano network applications in Python. Interact with peers on a Cardano network. Retrieve other peers, list seeds for your node, listen to gossip and much more. Works like a Cardano node with no blockchain functionality.

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ELI5 - Explain Cryptocurrency Like I'm 5!

The very basics for anyone who's getting started with cryptocurrencies or would like to get involved with crypto software development. Most articles in this section assume no previous experience with cryptocurrencies. We try to cover a broad range of subjects, from mining to software development, using accessible language and no excessively technical terms.

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In this section you'll find introductory articles about  cryptocurrencies. We take a look at the basics of each cryptocurrency, the technology behind it, whether it's mineable or not and other details. Several cryptocurrencies forked from the original Bitcoin source code, while others began from zero and introduced several innovations.

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Basic Concepts

In the Basic Concepts category you will find introductory articles that range from the very basics (such as the ELI5 subsection) to medium difficulty subjects (e.g. beginning programming). The concepts presented on this section are recommended for those beginning with cryptocurrency programming, investing, mining and other crypto related activities which involve some technical background.

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Mining and Staking

Here you will find our coverage of the basics of cryptocurrency mining and staking. We bring you tutorials, basic concepts, news and analysis. Cryptocurrency mining is a combination of science and art. In this section we hope to provide you with the basic information you need to understand and, perhaps, get started producing your own crypto.

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Learn the minimum you need to know to safely invest in cryptocurrencies. Avoid scams, choose the right exchanges, understand basic terms used in crypto trading and steer clear of scams and malicious financial schemes. Nothing in this section constitutes investment advice - please do your own research before committing to any cryptocurrency-related financial instrument.

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In the Technical section you'll find beginner level articles about specific software components, programming concepts, cryptography and other pieces that make up cryptocurrency systems. We also try to cover new tech and interesting concepts that you might come across in the crypto scene.

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Things you should know about cryptocurrency trading: How to stay safe and avoid scams, preserve your coins, choose an exchange and much more. In this section we also cover some trading-related ICO's and other cryptocurrency projects that may be of interest to traders.

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Bitcoin Source Code

Welcome to our special selection of articles describing what makes Bitcoin tick. In this section, our techs comment about Bitcoin source code files in very easy and accessible language. Learn how the world's most popular cryptocurrency works by diving into the C++ code that makes it all happen.

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Who's Who in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are developed by creative and highly skilled programmers, engineers, cipherpunks and hackers from all walks of life. Traders, miners, enthusiasts and social media personalities are also an endless source of memes, jokes and 24x7 banter. Here we present the stories of crypto personalities that have somehow caused an impact on the community.

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Articles related to Bitcoin, The Queen of cryptocurrencies! As we enter Bitcoin's 10th year of 99.999% uptime, several other promising crypto projects exist. But, for the time being, Bitcoin remains the undisputed ruler of the crypto space. Here you'll learn the basics of Bitcoin including news, commentary and introductory texts to help you get started with the most popular cryptocurrency.

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