Cryptocurrencies allow energy to be globally traded 24×7 and without bureaucratic boundaries.

Sell your excess electricity automatically with a smart meter, pay your electricity bill, deal CO2 emission quotas, automatically process petroleum payments and much more is made possible by the decentralization of cryptocurrencies.

In this section we take a look at some energy-related projects and future concepts being developed using crypto.

ELI5 Hydro Mining: generate your own electrical power for cryptocurrency mining
Hydro mining is a generic term which refers to the use of hydropower in the cryptocurrency mining process. Hydro-mining is considered a green energy alternative, which attempt...
Greeneum: Go Green. Get GREEN.
Update This project's Twitter account has been locked. Its subreddit also seems to have been abandoned, with several unrelated posts at the top. Latest related post was post...
Solarex SRX Token: Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Ecosystem
Update We couldn't find the SRX token on any exchanges. The Solarex project is also not listed with CoinMarketCap or other mainstream tracking websites. There have only e...