Privacy is one of the hottest topics in the world of cryptocurrencies.

As discussed in a different section of Crypto.BI, transparency brought by the blockchain is one of the greatest benefits of using the blockchain.

This transparency also raises concerns for crypto users, especially that their financial data could be seen or exploited by undesired parties.

Here we take a look at privacy-related issues in the context of cryptocurrencies.

ELI5 Wraith Protocol
Wraith protocol was introduced by the Verge cryptocurrency team in late 2017. It allows users to choose whether to make their transactions private or not. The initial Wraith...
Understand the Dandelion Bitcoin privacy project
The Dandelion privacy project is a BIP that is based on an idea that has been under public discussion since June 2017. It was submitted as a BIP in May 2018 and since then it has ...
ELI5 What is Bitmessage?
Bitmessage is a messaging protocol designed by Jonathan Warren in 2012. The purpose of Bitmessage is to allow parties to communicate with each other in a secure and 100% decent...
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