Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin!

An 11 year old author has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency world with a new book entitled Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin

The 57 page work is the result of an agreement between Andrew Courey and his parents. Andrew proposed a plan to make U$ 20 million by the age of 14. If his parents approved of the plan, they’d let him drop out of school to pursue his dream. Once he showed them the potential of cryptocurrencies, they allowed him to go through and dedicate to studying all that he could about Bitcoin.

The result is an excellent text which is surprisingly thorough for a text targeted at such a young audience. The table of contents shows how much research went into Early Bird:

The writing is also surprisingly mature and is easily readable by adults. Take, for instance, this excerpt from the book’s introduction:

Bitcoin is a kind of online money that you can use to buy things. Just like the U.S. dollar, you can buy it, sell it, and exchange it for stuff. Unlike the U.S. dollar (or other currencies like the Euro or Canadian dollar), it is not issued by a government, but exists outside of governments as a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital, not physical, meaning they are not coins, bills, or gold. The word crypto is how cryptocurrency is protected (we will cover this topic later in the book), and currency means money. When you put those words together, it means secure money. That is exactly what it is: secure digital money.

Don’t be fooled by the book cover – or by the author’s age!

This is a text that any adult who is still unfamiliar with Bitcoin can find very useful. We’d easily recommend this text for anyone who desires to get a quick introduction to Bitcoin, including some pretty neat technical details which the young Andrew Courey included in the text.


Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin Kindle Edition

This 11-year-old just wrote a book on bitcoin that hopefully a kid can understand

The Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin

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