ELI5 Jeremy Spence [Coin Signals] Lawsuit

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In late 2018, law firm Silver Miller announced a lawsuit against Coin Signals, a trading company run by Jeremy Spence et al.

Link to court documents: Case Docket Number 1:18-CV-12218

Who is involved?

Despite Coin Signals along with several other defendants being named in the lawsuit, the overall case ended up being popularly known as "the Jeremy Spence lawsuit".

Jeremy Spence, Jaime Cruz-Herrera, an avatar by the name of BlackXantus, Gerard Spence and Emily Spence were sued by plaintiffs Manfred Lagemann, Steven Koenig, Mitch Sterckx, Aivaras Cepelis, Roland Mawlabaux, Cameron Pattison, Thi Thanh Xuan Diana Vu, Edmond Truong, Vitaliy Rudenko and Yew Hwee Ng at the US District Court of the Southern District of New York on December 26, 2018.

The object of the lawsuit was to "recover damages incurred by plaintiffs as well as to obtain equitable relief related to the harm Plaintiffs have suffered".

The Accusation

According to the lawsuit, an avatar who went by pseudonym BlackXantus managed a "computer program" behind Coin Signals which supposedly allocated funds within Coin Signals' hedge funds.

According to the Plaintiffs, CSM Fund employed false and misleading representations which caused economic loss to plaintiffs and accuses Jeremy Spence of being a "con man" who "operated a classic Ponzi scheme".

Latest Known Status

As of August 2020, the case is still ongoing.

Lawsuit Status can be checked here.

About Silver Miller

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Silver Miller is a Business and Investment Fraud Contingency-Fee Law Firm with offices in Florida, Maryland and Washington DC.

Specialized in business litigation, investment fraud, digital investments including cryptocurrency, class action, whistleblower claims, labor and employment law among other.

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