ELI5 PO.ET Cryptocurrency

ELI5 PO.ET Cryptocurrency

Po.et or POE a non-centralized ledger designated for tracking and managing ownership for media resources. Though Po.et, publishers can verify logs for bibliographies and other documentation, and creators can check their works as licensed and is good for branding. Advertisers can give direct incentives through re-publishing marketing contents to their publishers without middlemen. Competitors have the same services that they provide expect catering their creators.

This cryptocurrency project is an ERC-20 based token; the best way to have it is through purchasing and not mineable. Purchasing and trading POE is through Binance using any altcoins. Bitcoins, as most preferred, can be bought from websites CoinBase. Once you have the coins, just signup to Binance website until you complete the transactions.

Monetary Data

Po.et Cryptocurrency has 2,236,813969 circulating coins.


The Po.et was released in January 2017 and since then it has been operating into a test net at Bitcoin. It was June 2017 that publishers invited blockchain to become partners.Po.et was grouped into 3 phases:

  1. Rosetta Era

It was created to provide useful yet affordable platform for timestamping and generating absolute ownership to digital publishers for their assets.

  1. Guttenberg Era

Publishers and content creators will be facilitated by ideal licensing, syndication, and acknowledgment of their assets.

  1. Alexandria Era

They wanted to produce an adequate open network and marketplaces for the publishers, editors, and creators.

Po.et has received multiple accomplishments such as the time that their idea was conceived in October 2016, the Authentication Beta App entered the most popular digital Store from Apple in March 2017 and raised $1 million from investors and partners in June 2017.

The company continues to add goals for them for the following years, some of it is to have multiple owners that can share profits and revenue from the assets in July 2018, plans to open marketplaces for the publishers, creators, editors and other upcoming parties in August 2019, and to build smart contract and DAPPS that connect with the network in January 2020.

What makes it Different?

Po.et earned revenues will be shared to its token owners with equivalent percentages. They want to create a blockchain platform that has a simplified and eliminated problems form marketplaces to serve their publishers, creators, and editors. Knowing that Po.et has a lot of works to do, the primary aim of the company is to inform its community about the problems that internet is facing today.

The idea of the company is to implement security and transparency services like proof of existence. Po.et’s teams and advisors are confident that the project is unique and useful even outside the cryptocurrency industry. One of their major advantages is the partnership that they formed with some of the most popular cryptocurrency networks.

Who is behind PO.ET?

The team is composed of individuals with strong and successful achievements like the Technical Leader Lautaro Dragon, Head of Product Pat Riley, Chief Coin Officer Jeremy Kandah, with advisor and investors such as Bo Shen, Anthony Di Iorio, Greg Clayman, and Richard Titus.


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