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Who is Roger Ver?

As part of the Who’s Who section of Crypto.BI, today we present one of the best known figures in the cryptocurrency world.

Roger K. Ver is an American entrepreneur and cryptocurrency visionary who adopted Bitcoin very early on during its introduction to the markets.

Ver saw Bitcoin as a way to a more transparent economy, free of centralized control.

MemoryDealers was Roger Ver’s first business and he innovated by accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment when BTC wasn’t at all adopted in the tech market.

This gave Bitcoin a big impulse during the early days and helped bring attention to the innovative cryptocurrency.

A while later, Ver helped fund the Bitcoin Foundation with generous donations. The Bitcoin Foundation is one of Bitcoin’s institutional cornerstones (although the cryptocurrency itself is not governed by anyone, nor by the Foundation).

Roger Ver on RT

Here’s Max Keiser interviewing Roger Ver on RT. Check out more videos on Roger Ver’s official Youtube channel.


Still very active in the community, today Roger Ver is a strong proponent of Bitcoin Cash, which is a fork of Bitcoin using different parameters and a different strategic vision.

You can follow Roger Ver on Twitter and on Facebook.

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