Who is Wagner Tamanaha? Does he know Satoshi Nakamoto?

Despite claims from certain Bitcoin personalities, Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity remains a mystery.

But just a few hours ago a striking new development has gripped the Bitcoin community.

Satoshi's personal profile has suddenly woken up, after 7 years of inactivity, and has befriended a certain Wagner Tamanaha.

According to Tanamaha's profile, he :

is a brazilian with japanese ancestry, working with advertising in social media and a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I'm also a member of Faircoop São Paulo local node, author of a personal blog and Blockchain Cat comics on Steemit and recently added in Satoshi Nakamoto's friends list here.

This could well be an elaborate marketing scheme.

But, if so, then how would the perpetrators have gotten access to Satoshi's 2FA account security over at P2PFoundation's Ning website?

Satoshi's Previous Appearances

It's not the first time the Ning account has been used as a canonical source of Satoshi's announcements.

In one of his latest virtual appearances, from 2014, Satoshi denied being Dorian Nakamoto.

Mr Nakamoto (Dorian) was being pursued by media outlets as the author of the first Bitcoin code. Living just a few houses down from Hal Finney's home, Mr. Dorian Nakamoto's profile seemed too perfect not to be the real Satoshi. He emphatically denied being the creator of Bitcoin and even claimed he had lost work opportunities due to the sudden notoriety.

As it turns out, no one has ever come out as the real Satoshi.

Private is The Key

The only way Satoshi's real identity can be proven is if someone signs a message using the original Genesis Block first address' private key.

In order to obtain this private key, the author would have to have access to the very first Bitcoin address ever used.

A message signed by this address would prove, beyond suspicion, that the message sender was indeed the person who either created Bitcoin or had access to that very first address (now worth hundreds of millions of dollars).


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