New Bitcoin Core will allow wallet creation from the main menu

The upcoming version of Bitcoin Core will allow wallets to be created from the main menu.

The pull request was merged into the Bitcoin Core source tree just hours ago.

New Features

Some of the options that will be offered include :

  • Disabling private keys
  • Make a blank wallet
  • Whether to encrypt the new wallet

When an encrypted wallet is selected, it'll be generated like a generic wallet but will then pass through the encryption process. After encryption, the usual mnemonic recovery phrase will be generated.

More Goodies

Some other goodies are coming on the new version, including networking improvements (e.g. disconnecting users who violate block-only policy).

Work on allowing wallet creation straight from the GUI started back in February.

As always with Bitcoin Core, each change is reviewed by hundreds of contributors before it's committed to the main source tree.

The process for slight changes on the GUI, no matter how simple, might take several months before being released.

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