ELI5 Altex Exchange [Formerly BTCPool.Exchange]

Altex was a cryptocurrency exchange active from 2016 to 2018.

Before 2016 Altex used to be called BTCPool.Exchange

The exchange presented itself as an innovative offering that did not require ID verification, had staking enabled on all wallets as well as tipping functionality, crypto games and lots of other features.

Unfortunately Altex seems to have disappeared from public view, leaving many users at a loss.

Monero Hack

In 2018, users reported a big loss of crypto on Altex.

It was later determined that bugs in some of Altex's wallets had been exploited.

A bug on the Altex Monero wallet was the most costly bug exploited at the exchange.

Current Status

As of January 2020, the website cannot be reached:

The Altex Twitter account was also deleted.



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