ELI5 Who is AmaZix?

Amazix is a marketing firm specialized in promoting cryptocurrency projects, websites, ICO's, community building, viral marketing and several other community-driven services.

The company was founded in 2016 by Jonas Karlberg when he worked on the Bancor project. From there, Mr. Karlberg began working on marketing for large cryptocurrency projects, developing what is now known as AmaZix.

Meet the rest of the Amazix team.


Amazix offers legal advisories, develops corporate structure, performs legal due diligence for marketing projects and other related tasks.

Marketing and PR

As part of its marketing services portfolio, Amazix performs community management, marketing strategy, content creation, PR and viral campaigns.

Telegram Blacklist

In an effort to thwart cryptocurrency scams via Telegram, AmaZix developed the world's first blacklist for the chat platform.

The company published a study in which they found that at least 7.5% of all Telegram users are malicious, causing major losses especially in cryptocurrency projects.

ICO Controversy

In 2019, The Next Web published a piece about the RepuX and JoyToken ICO exit scams. In the original piece, they mentioned AmaZix had run the content development for both ICO's.

AmaZix has since clarified that it was not responsible for the content production of either project and that they severed ties with them as soon as they got knowledge of the controversy.


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‘Moderation Bot’ Blacklists Telegram Users to Tackle Crypto Scams

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