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Our Avalanche [AVAX] Price Prediction [Opinion]

If you’ve been following us, then you may have read that we believe Avalanche AVAX is a 20x investment.

Why, you may ask?

Because we think AVAX is definitely a top 10 cryptocurrency. And, by reaching top 10, Avalanche would have gained 20x at today’s prices.

But first, an important legal notice.


Nothing in this article constitutes investment advice. This article constitutes our opinion about a very promising state-of-the-art 4th gen cryptocurrency that solves most problems found in earlier projects. DYOR – always do your own research. Cryptocurrencies are considered a high risk investment (even though we feel artificially inflated fiat assets are much riskier at this point). Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the fundamentals for our AVAX price prediction and why we think it’s a slam dunk.

Top 65 Coins

This is our first article of 2021, and as we venture into the new year Avalanche is ranked #64 on CoinMarketCap. (Meanwhile, AVAX is ranked #70 at Coingecko at the time of this writing.)

First thing that catches the eye is the fact that none of the coins ranked around AVAX have anywhere near the technological features of AVAX. They’re all 2nd or 3rd generation cryptocurrencies that offer nothing new!

We’d hate to single out specific coins in the top 65 that don’t offer any value whatsoever, so we’ll be intentionally vague here. Within the top 65 coins we have :

  • A P2P file sharing incentives coin. Pretty good idea, decentralized, has underlying value (the shared content). May be a top 20 coin one day.
  • Some early Bitcoin forks which used to have the advantage of only being mined using GPUs and not ASICs, but not anymore.
  • A mixed mining strategy coin that combines Proof of Stake and Proof of Work, which was a good idea for its time but not really exciting anymore.
  • A bunch of DeFi tokens whose only value is to pay reasonable yearly interests while people seek the next 20x coin (wink wink).
  • An Ethereum fork which is underdeveloped and does not have the workforce necessary to compete in the next 10 years.
  • A decentralized hard drive sharing coin which is a pretty cool idea but probably not top 20 material.
  • Chinese forks of Ethereum and Bitcoin with no actual innovation whatsoever.
  • Privacy guarding coins which present some cool libertarian fuck the power ideals but in practice are mostly used for you know what.
  • Bitcoin forks with zero value added, created by some guys who held tons of Bitcoin but simply wished to multiply their wealth (which they successfully did).
  • Stablecoins which aren’t really decentralized but require Dollars or Euros stored somewhere.
  • A centralized banking coin that got sued by the SEC. By the way, Avalanche is 100% safe from any similar SEC intervention.

As you can see, Avalanche is an obvious top 10 coin. All the competitors currently in the top 65 are nowhere compared to AVAX in value. Especially once you dive into Avalanche technology you’ll grow increasingly fascinated by how it works.

Determining AVAX Price

How is AVAX price determined? Here are some important points you should be aware of, in our opinion.

First of all there is a vesting period during which early investor funds are locked. These coins are being slowly released onto the market.

The CoinMarketCap calculation is smart enough to consider this factor in its ranking calculation:

As you can see, in early December 2020 the AVAX market cap (blue line) jumped without any change in Avalanche price itself (green line). This was due to the release of a batch of early investor’s locked coins.

Interestingly, AVAX price action was not at all altered due to the December 2020 coin release! While some believed those coins would get immediately dumped, the opposite happened : price action turned positive, especially due to the Bitcoin bull run of late 2020.

Avalanche Price Prediction

For all the reasons given, we predict that AVAX will be worth between U$ 15 and U$ 20 within the next year and U$ 35+ within the next 3 years. Beyond that, it will depend on widespread adoption and whether the amazing Avalanche protocol is developed to its full potential, processing several thousand transactions per second.

This conservative estimate represents a 39x multiple of an average U$ 0.89 AVAX ICO price. Some investors were even able to buy large quantities at U$ 0.50, which would make it a 70x multiple. Note that the latter are mostly still locked until 2021 and later.

See the following note for Avalanche locked coin vesting periods:

Keep a close eye on AVAX coin news in the coming months. As we write this text, AVAX has gained over 25% in 24 hours. This kind of movement will likely gain strength over the coming months as more and more crypto investors discover the potential of the Avalanche protocol.

You can find information about AVAX coin on Reddit and the official Avalanche Telegram group. Be careful with fake AVAX subreddits and Telegram groups. If in doubt, check the official AVAX subreddit and click on the sidebar links. Those are curated by Aval Labs’ team.

Finding an AVAX Exchange

AVAX is currently being traded at:

Among others. Click here for a full list of AVAX exchanges.

We hope this price prediction makes sense. We think AVAX is an obvious 20x gain coin at this point for the reasons given. As we mentioned in our 20x Avalanche price prediction article, there is a solid base on which AVAX price can build. Its technology is nothing short of magic, reaching finality within seconds and accommodating countless chains in a sharded network architecture.

AVAX is what every other coin out there is trying to build – but it’s out already and it’s in production, which makes all the difference, while projects that seem to come close technology-wise are far from a usable Beta version.


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